A type of Trans Fat that helps you Burn Fat?

We all know that trans fats are horrible for your health right? But what if I told you that there is a specific type of trans fat that's natural (not man-made) and actually helps you to lose fat faster and build lean muscle?

Well, check out the excerpt from my new program that I co-authored called "The Fat Burning Kitchen: Your 24-hour Diet Transformation to Make Your Body a Fat Burning Machine" below:

"...Not many people know this fact, but CLA is actually a natural form of trans fat, but it is FAR different than the artificial trans fats from hydrogenated oils that are so deadly and that you hear all of the negative information about. CLA is actually one of the only healthy trans fats in existence.

CLA is a natural form of healthy trans fat that occurs in the fat on the meat, and in the dairy from ruminant animals such as cattle, bison, deer, goats, sheep, kangaroo, etc. CLA in natural form has been shown to help in burning off abdominal fat and also maintaining or even building lean muscle.

Warning: do NOT use CLA supplements as they contain an artificially created form of CLA that is a different CLA isomer compared to the natural CLA isomer that's found in meats and dairy from ruminant animals. The CLA isomer found in CLA supplements can have negative effects in the body and is more similar to an artificial trans fat. The only form of CLA is that going to benefit your health and help you to reduce body fat is the natural CLA isomers from grass-fed beef, bison, venison, etc or from grass-fed raw milk or cheeses.

Also, grass-fed meats and dairy contain 3-5x the CLA of grain fed meats, so avoid your typical grain-fed grocery store meats.

So that is the reason why I focused more on red meats such as grass-fed beef and bison during this 23-day cutting cycle instead of chicken, turkey, or fish -- because the extra CLA can really help in accelerating fat loss and preserving lean muscle..."

There you have it... there actually IS such a thing as a healthy trans fat... bet you didn't know that!

This was an excerpt from my brand new program I just co-authored with an extremely knowledgeable nutrition expert named Catherine Ebeling.

The program is called "The Fat Burning Kitchen".

Because this is our launch week... you can grab the program for half price this week only. The price will double in a few days at the end of the week.

Also, I wanted to really knock your socks off with this program, so if you grab a copy this week, I even decided to throw in a special bonus section that gives you every single nitty gritty detail of how I just went from 10.2% bodyfat down to 6.9% bodyfat in only 23 days while I prepped for a photo shoot recently.

This is advanced stuff for when you might have an event such as a wedding or a beach vacation coming up and you need to knock off some significant bodyfat in only 3-4 weeks time frame. There's nothing unhealthy here... but these techniques are definitely "amped up" from the norm.

When I say nitty gritty details... I'm talking everything, including specific spices, teas, nutrients, exactly what I ate, carb/protein/fat ratios and how I manipulated timing of nutrients to accelerate fat loss.

Seriously, we did the body comp tests and I went from 10.2% BF to 6.9% BF in only 23 days. I'll be sharing the pics on my blog in a week or 2, when I get the finals back from the photographer.

You'll find out all of those details of how I did this in the bonus chapter if you grab a copy this week.

check it out:

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Mike Geary
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Crazy exercises for bigger muscular arms

I was just breezing through a new program called "The Best Arm Exercises You've Never Heard Of" last week from my colleague Nick Nilsson.

This is some crazy stuff for sure... I'm usually a pretty creative trainer, but even I've never seen more than 75% of the exercises in this program. I guess that's why Nick has been nicknamed the "mad exercise scientist"... some whacky stuff in there, but pretty cool, I must admit.

Now the important thing to realize (and even Nick admits this) is that the most important aspect if you're training for more muscular arms is actually the big heavy multi-joint presses, pulls, and rows.

However, for someone who wants to train a little more specifically, some of these unique exercises can definitely trigger some new growth in the biceps and triceps if that's your goal.

So these are to be added in addition to your normal presses, rows, pullups, etc, and not as a complete replacement for the multi-joint exercises. You definitely need to have access to a gym or at least a full home gym if you're going to be able to do a lot of these exercises.

Check out these weird arm exercises here:

Have fun!

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer
Author - The Truth about Six Pack Abs

weight loss tips to lose stomach fat


Canola Oil - is it unhealthy or an urban legend?

Regarding the last newsletter I sent out about the reasons that canola oil is unhealthy...

I wanted to clarify that the reasons I'm saying canola oil is horrible for your health have nothing to do with what most websites are talking about when they defend canola and call it an "urban legend" that it's bad for you.

The article is updated now to address the "urban legend" aspect here:

Is Canola Oil Healthy or is it a giant marketing deception?

Here's the deal...

There is a problem with most websites that DEFEND canola oil, saying that internet "urban legends" on the dangers of canola oil are unfounded.

The problem is that these websites that defend canola oil ONLY talk about the issue of erucic acid. The issue of erucic acid IS an urban legend, because erucic acid has been bred out to very low levels over the years, so it is a non-issue.

However, these websites that defend canola oil are barking up the wrong tree because they don't address the issue of the processing of canola oil and oxidation of the polyunsaturated component of canola oil, which is what makes it unhealthy for human consumption. THAT'S the real issue that they either don't understand (because they are not nutrition experts) or are simply ignoring.

The rest of details about the TRUE reason that canola oil is bad for you are covered in that article link above.

If you see clueless people and websites (that don't know a damn thing about nutrition) arguing that canola oil is good for you, just think of it this way...

Do you really want to eat an oil like canola oil that has gone through a process of caustic refining, degumming, bleaching, and deoderization, all using high heat and questionable chemicals, which increased the trans fat content and also made the polyunsatured fats inflammatory inside your body?

Or would you rather stick to an oil such as extra virgin olive oil or virgin coconut oil that has NOT undergone any of those nasty processes and is known to have real health benefits?

Easy decision for sure! Case closed.

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I actually am good friends with the owners of this company, which is why I recommend a few of their products... because I can actually trust that their ingredients are legit, unlike so many other shady supplement companies out there.

As I've mentioned before, I personally use their Krill Oil (EFA icon), and their Longevity Antioxidant formula. Occasionally, I like to get the organic snack bar Cravers too (peanut butter is yum yum!).

The 10% off everything sale is at this page, so stock up (ends Friday):

I'll be back soon with more Lean Body Secrets newsletters.

Mike Geary
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Skiers - get your legs ready for ski season with these crazy exercises


Why kettlebells for a lean strong body?

Since I recommended the program at yesterday, I know you may have had a few questions about why kettlebells are such effective workouts and also where to get kettlebells.

First, my kettlebells that I've had at my house for about 3-4 years now have been one of the best investments I've ever made in equipment to workout at home. Like I mentioned yesterday, I personally own two 53-lbers and one 70-lb kettlebell. I'm probably going to be getting a 2nd 70-lber soon so I can do some double KB drills with the heavier wts.

I usually recommend that most females start out with an 18-lb kettlebell and a 27-lb KB... and most males usually start out with a 27 or 35-lb kettlebell, and maybe a 53-lber too if you're strong. It helps to have 2 KB's of a certain weight too so that you can do a lot of the double KB drills.

While I still enjoy my gym workouts, having a few kettlebells at home comes in handy when you might only have 15-20 minutes to spend but still want to get a killer full body workout.

Since you can't get kettlebells at your local fitness equipment store, a great place that you can order a few of them online is here:

As for why kettlebells are so effective for fat loss and building a lean strong body...

For one, the unique shape and handle of a kettlebell changes the weighting pattern compared to a dumbbell. This forces your body to work additional stabilizing muscles in working out with kettlebells.

Also, kettlebell exercises (such as swings, snatches, clean & presses, high pulls, etc) tend to work your entire body very thoroughly and burn a TON of calories in the process. You can literally work every muscle in your body with just a couple kettlebells.

Plus, like I mentioned yesterday, I love to mix-up my workouts occasionally and take the kettlebells outside to get some fresh air while working out. sure beats a stuffy gym!

I'll never abandon my barbells and dumbbells... but having KB's at home adds some nice variety to my workouts, and I just think they're fun to train with too.

Remember, if you want to learn some awesome workouts to do with kettlebells to work your entire body, you can try the programs at:

And to get a few kettlebells that you'll be able to use for life at your own house, you can get them online here:

Have fun!

Mike Geary
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The ultimate motivation to work out

Sometimes it just takes some perspective to see how lame some people's excuses are as to why they can't workout or can't get in shape.

I can't tell you how many times over the years I've heard people claim that they "didn't have time to workout" or couldn't workout because of some other excuse (most of which can always be overcome).

I was reminded of this perspective recently when I go to my gym, there's been a 1-legged man that has been working out there hard every time I'm there.

And he outworks most people that have TWO legs!!

I can tell you that it's quite motivating to see this guy at the gym, and how he keeps himself in good shape... I mean seriously... he's got 1-leg and he's not making excuses!

He uses crutches to move himself between work stations, and when he's adding or removing weights from the bars, he literally hops on his 1-leg to move the weights on and off of the racks.

So next time you think about making excuses for why you can't get a workout in, keep in mind this 1-legged guy who should be an inspiration to all!

Kettlebell Workouts

You might have noticed that I talk a lot about the kettlebell workouts that I do outdoors or in my garage a lot of times. Sometimes I forget that a lot of people still don't know what kettlebells are or how they are used, and why they have added benefits compared to simple dumbbells.

And although so many people seem to mistakenly call these things "cattle-balls"... the real name is Kettlebells. Always makes me laugh when I hear someone say "cattle-balls".

Personally, I have two 53-lb kettlebells and one 70-lb kettlebell that I train with at my house that I use to "mix up" my workouts when things get stale with my gym workouts.

For most of my training clients in the past, I've started most females with an 18-lb kettlebell for most exercises and a 27-lb kettlebell for other exercises. Most guys will usually start with 35-lb kettlebells when they first start and then work up to 53-lbers or the 70-banger eventually.

I absolutely LOVE training with kettlebells and I don't think there's a tougher and more effective full body workout than using kettlebells. Plus you can't beat being outside and training with KB's in the fresh air.

Kettlebell exercises are totally different than most free weight exercises you would do at a gym and are perfect for somebody that prefers to workout in your house or outdoors, as you can pretty much workout anywhere anytime when it comes to kettlebells.

Since I've had so many questions over the years about what the heck to do with KB's and how to use them... I recently found out that a couple of my colleagues just came out with an excellent training manual with killer exercises and workouts, all dedicated to kettlebells.

Check it out:

Make sure to grab a copy of this new kettlebell workout program THIS WEEK as the price doubles this Friday. It's half price this week because it's launch week for this new product.
Have fun!

Til next newsletter,
Don't be lazy... be lean.

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The real deal on antioxidants, ORAC, free radicals, etc

Here's a good article below from Registered Dietician Jayson Hunter on everything you've ever wanted to know about antioxidants, ORAC value, so-called "superfoods", and some of the benefits to your health, skin, appearance, etc... and also, which "shady" advertisers to stay away from regarding antioxidants...

Also, if you happened to miss the email a couple days ago about the free back-pain relief book that my friend Jesse Cannone is giving away (including a $2 donation to charity for every book he gives away), check it out here:

I'll be back in a few days with the next Lean-Body Secrets Ezine.

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