Can this Exercise Technique Help You "Age Younger"?

Hey it's Mike Geary from with an interesting study about aging reversal that my buddy Jon Benson sent to me recently.

I was really intrigued with this study so I had to pass it on to you. Basically, what intrigued me most was that researchers have actually found indications of age reversal with people using certain exercise techniques.

So, can you really grow younger as you "age"? Jon's article is below...Read on to see...

Has Science Proven that you Can "Age Backwards"?
by Jon Benson,

Of all the studies I have read this one seals the deal.

The study headline read...

Resistance Training Reverses The Aging In Human Muscle Tissue

Not "slows" or "repairs"...


I shocked me too.

I have been a champion of the anti-aging lifestyle I teach in Fit Over 40. It certainly "looks" like the 52 people in my book are aging backwards.

See for yourself --

I never thought their muscles were literallyturning back the genetic clock. But this new research proves this is exactly what is going on when you exercise with resistance.

Resistance exercise can be weight training or just using your bodyweight. This is exercise that is heavy enough to cause some strain but not so heavy that it is painful or dangerous.

Some of the biology aspects of the study arefrankly over my head. But I will try to give youthe highlights.

The Unreal Findings

The mitochondria is the energy factory of the human cell. As we age our muscles begin to show what researchers call "mitochondrial dysfunction". This is what causes all the bad stuff associated with "sarcopenia."

Sarcopenia is just the wasting away of muscle due to age and under-use. As we age most of us will experience a gradual loss of muscle.

The problem? Muscle is active tissue. It is responsible for most of the calories we use during the day.

The less muscle you have, the more body fat you will gain if you eat the same amount of food.
Muscle loss is also related to the onset of manybone diseases. The muscle that holds our spine in alignment can deteriorate as we age and cause major back problems. The same is true for the muscle and tendons around the knee and hip joints.

Can you see why muscle loss is a major deal? Is it any wonder researchers wanted to see if there was something we could do about it?

Resistance training obviously builds muscle. And it does so at any age. Just look at anyone in my book and you will be convinced of that.

But that is not the real find in this study. We have numerous studies that show you can gain lean muscle at any age.

This study revealed something extraordinary: after just six months of resistance training test subjects showed a "reversal of most of the genes affected by age" in muscle tissue.

With age and no resistance training, researchers found 596 genes expressing themselves with"aging", or decreased mitochondrial function.

But when subjects engaged in resistance training, in this case simple weight training, look whathappened --

-- Their strength increased by over 20%;--

And their genes literally "reverted back" to the same markers as "younger" genes after only six months of exercise.
This is staggering.

It is one thing to maintain muscle as we age. To gain muscle is even better.

But to know that we are literally reverting our genes to a "younger version" within the muscle?And after only six months?

That is downright amazing.

That's not all...

When the older folks in the study began, they were almost 60% weaker than the younger members of the study.

In just six months, they were only 38% weaker.

I can tell you from personal experience that in a few more months they would be even stronger. In some cases their strength would surpass the younger test subjects.

I am much stronger now than when I was 23, or 33. I am now 43.
I plan to be stronger at 53.

Strength is not a luxury as we age. It is absolutely necessary for longevity and health. And this all takes place at the genetic level.

Just imagine.

What You Need To Do

Everyone reading this letter needs to start today with resistance training. It is now a PROVEN way to make the aging process turn around at the genetic level within the cell.

And now you know why the role models in my book "Fit Over 40" look as if they are 15-20 years younger than they really are --

Genetically, they 'are' younger than their calendar age.
Isn't that incredible?

Are you ready to join them? Pick up my book today and you'll find your own roadmap to begin.

In a freee bonus, Craig Ballantyne gives you an 8-week in-home bodyweight resistance program that is perfect for beginner and intermediate trainees.

If you already have my book, you will find this in the Member's Downloads.

I also include dozens of ideal gym-based workouts for intermediate and advanced trainees.

Combined with the nutrition principles I cover, you can be on your way to "literally" turning back the genetic clock.

You'll look better and feel better than you everhave to boot.


Jon Benson
Creator, Fit Over 40

P.S. So many people turn to plastic surgery and drugs for this same effect. There is nothing wrong with that...but wouldn't you rather use a natural and safe alternative?
And one that helps you in a hundred other ways?

I have always called resistance training the onetrue Fountain of Youth. It certainly makes a bodylook and feel younger than any form of exerciseI have ever tried.

Give it a shot yourself. It is a gift that can add years to your life and take away years from yourlooks -- all at the same time.

Thanks Jon for contributing to this Ezine! That was a great article.
Check out the pictures of Jon on his website above...

I think that proves that you CAN age in reverse! The top pic is Jon today at 43 years old and in incredible shape. The bottom pic is Jon in his early 30's I believe. I certainly think he looks younger now!

I'm out for today. I'll be back soon. Til then...

Don't be lazy...Be lean.

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer
Founder - &

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