How to completely reverse type 2 diabetes - without dangerous drugs

Did you know that it's estimated that 370 Million people worldwide have some form of diabetes... and a whopping 60 Million Americans are walking around with prediabetes, and most of them don't even know that they have it.  Now that's a full blown epidemic that should have us all concerned.

Why has this become such a growing problem in recent years?

Well, the main reason is that we've become of world of carb addicts.  There's other factors too...less exercise, the chemical burden that we are exposed too, etc...but the main reason is the massive excess of carbs that comprises most people's diet.

We've gone from our hunter-gatherer ancestors (with an ancestral diet high in protein, healthy fats, and low to moderate carbs from fruits and veggies) into a modern day world of carbohydrates everywhere we look.  And I'm not just talking about the refined "bad carbs" that everybody talks about... sugar, corn syrup, refined flour, etc.

I'm also talking about the so-called "good carbs" that the food industry wants you to think are "healthy"... In fact, that "whole grain" bread and cereal that you've been brainwashed into thinking is healthy has actually been proven to raise blood sugar levels even higher than refined sugar many times (depending on the type of grain with wheat being one of the worst).  

This constant assault on your pancreas to produce insulin in response to all of these "whole grains" that everybody loads into their body on a daily basis not only causes insulin resistance over time, but also added weight (particularly in the abdomen from chronically high insulin), higher triglyceride levels, and eventual type 2 diabetes. 

I'm always shocked (and a bit saddened) when I see that most people don't realize that type 2 diabetes can be 100% completely reversed through diet changes and exercise.  It's as if our entire world is brainwashed to think that drugs are the only answer.  I've even talked to actual doctors that don't even understand that type 2 diabetes can be reversed without drugs.  It's almost as if they've forgotten fundamental biochemistry of the body.  Let's just think about it logically for a second...

Type 2 diabetes is 100% caused by poor diet over years and years, and can be 100% reversed by a good diet along with exercise.  Very simply... do the opposite of what caused the diabetes, and you will reverse it.

It's so shocking to me that even many doctors today don't realize this obvious connection. 

Even if you watch the popular TV show, "The Biggest Loser", you'll see that so many of the contestants on that show start the season with full blown type 2 diabetes, and when the season is over, they are 100% cured of their diabetes, simply because they lost most of their body weight and changed their lifestyle. 

Does the entire medical establishment purposely turn a blind eye to all of these case studies where people completely reverse their diabetes through proper nutrition and exercise, without drugs?  Do they do this on purpose to sell more diabetes drugs?  I would hope not, but I'm not so certain of that.

Unfortunately, diabetes drugs actually make matters worse, because they only mask the immediate problem of blood sugar control, but never fix the underlying metabolic problems, which is insulin sensitivity and healing your pancreas.  I've been reading one of the best books on this topic lately, called The 30-Day Diabetes Cure, by Dr. Stephan Ripich, and it's a phenomenal book if you want the easiest, fastest, most natural way to completely reverse type 2 diabetes while also getting slimmer at that same time.

Dr Ripich points out in his book that just mindlessly lowering blood sugar with drugs isn't the same as HEALING your diabetes.  In fact, it actually makes matter WORSE, because you still end up still eating the wrong foods that continue to assault your beta-cells in your pancreas, causing further damage.  With drugs, you end up "watching your numbers" all the time and taking drugs, but your diabetes continues to worsen relentlessly. 

To make matters worse, Dr Ripich points out many studies in his book that correlate diabetes drugs to increased rates of death, and increased rates of heart attacks.  Obviously, taking diabetes drugs is not the solution to type 2 diabetes... the solution is to permanently change the way you eat, and also permanently change your lifestyle, and you can easily reverse diabetes over time, and save your life.

Dr Ripich also has dozens of case studies in his book, The 30-Day Diabetes Cure, which proves that his approach to nutrition can indeed 100% cure (yes, CURE) your diabetes.  I'm terribly saddened that so many people think diabetes is a lifetime sentence of blood sugar monitoring, dangerous drugs, and crippling complications... it's NOT!  It just takes YOU to start changing your lifestyle and your food intake, and it WILL reverse itself.

You can watch Dr Ripich's video below about how his solution works and his case studies that have totally reversed their diabetes in only 30 days with his plan:

Dr Ripich's Solution to REVERSE your diabetes in 30 days (his case studies prove it)

If you're already convinced about trying out Dr Ripich's 30-day Diabetes Cure plan, and don't need to watch his video describing case studies, etc, you can go right to this page here for the 2 order options for his book.  You can choose the ebook version or physical book version right on that page if you want to skip the video case studies.

I'll be talking more about blood sugar control in upcoming newsletters as it's a hot topic and one I've been putting a lot of research into lately.

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This enzyme CAUSES stubborn body fat

I've mentioned this problem in past newsletters, so if you're a long time reader, you might know a bit about this topic... but I want to explain how this works a bit more and how serious the problem is these days...

The problem I'm going to describe here can actually cause "feminization" issues in men (more chest fat, reduced testosterone, etc), but can also cause hormonal disorders in women too.  And it also causes the other problem that everybody hates...more stubborn abdominal fat.

Let's start with the enzyme I mentioned in the headline... it's called aromatase enzyme in your body.  Aromatase is the enzyme responsible for converting androgens to estrogens in your body.  This is a normal process and increases with aging in your body.

Unfortunately, we are being exposed in this modern world to certain chemicals (such as pesticides, plastics, petro-chemicals, and other chemicals in our food and water) that over-stimulate the actions of aromatase, thereby causing hormone imbalances for both men and women.  These aromatase-stimulating chemicals can cause excessively high estrogen levels in men (with accompanying issues of body fat, chest fat, and feminization), and other estrogen-dominance issues for women too.

The easy way to think about it is that we want to minimize our exposure to aromatase-promoting chemicals and maximize our intake of anti-aromatase compounds found in certain foods, herbs, spices, etc.

Expert scientist and author, Ori Hofmekler, in his book "Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat" states: " is critically important to eliminate aromatase-promoting substances from the diet including pesticides, herbicides, plastic derivatives (particularly from soft, cloudy or opaque plastic containers), and estrogenic dietary compounds such as those found in soy, clover, licorice, and hops (in beer)" 

Sorry guys about the bad news about beer... but that explains the "beer bellies" you see from heavy beer drinkers.  Just another reason to choose wine or another liquor if you choose to drink.

Mr. Hofmekler continues... "There is growing evidence that certain compounds in food, herbs, and oils can inhibit aromatase activity. Notable natural sources for anti-aromatase nutrients are garlic, onion, passion flower, chamomile, grass-fed dairy, turmeric, raw nuts and seeds, and omega-3 oils from fish, flaxseed, and hempseed".

There you go... protect yourself from these harmful effects and reduce your stubborn fat by loading up daily on the anti-aromatase nutrients listed above!

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3 foods that improve your brain

You already know from this newsletter how powerful foods, herbs, and spices can be for your body and how it functions... nutrition is the #1 factor that controls your weight, your risk of cancer, your risk of heart disease, diabetes, organ functioning, and yes, your brain health!

So let's take a quick look at 3 specific foods that can help improve your brain health... hence, foods that make you smarter.

1.  Turmeric.  That's right... turmeric is one of the most powerful spices out there in terms of antioxidant capacity.  Turmeric has also been shown to decrease inflammation throughout the body, including your brain!  Studies even show that people who eat curry based dishes more frequently (which contains turmeric in high doses), show better mental capacity than those who rarely or never eat curry.

Since I don't eat curry more than twice a month, what I personally do is use 2 capsules of pure turmeric daily.  You can find turmeric capsules for under $10 at most nutrition stores.  You can read our full article on the incredible benefits of turmeric here.

2.  Coconut water.  Oh yeah, I love coconut water!  And it's more popular than ever these days, and widely available in most corner stores.  Coconut water is a great source of potassium and has no sodium, which helps to balance the potassium to sodium ratio in your body.  Most people eat too much sodium and when this balance is out of whack, it can affect your brain function.  Also, coconut water only has a little bit of natural sugar and calories --about 1/4 the amount of sugar compared to soda pop.

3.  Wild Salmon.  You already know about the high levels of omega-3 fatty acids (including DHA and EPA) found in wild salmon.  But you might not realize how important those omega-3's really are for your brain functioning, as the membranes in brain cells require omega-3's for proper function.  Some studies have also shown that people that eat the most fish have better memory than those that eat the least fish. You can read our full article with a health warning about farmed salmon here.

We could list a bunch more powerful foods that can help improve your brain too, but we'll save those for a future ezine.  Equally important though for the health of your brain is to AVOID foods that damage your brain...

Watch this video to see 5 foods that can HARM your brain (avoid these damaging foods!)

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