A week of "Geary-style" workouts

First, here are some of the beautiful hiking pics I got this week:

I hope you're doing well and feeling great lately... you deserve nothing less than feeling your best.

I know I have been feeling like I'm in the shape of my life recently. I really do feel incredible and am just loving the active lifestyle and fresh clean air of the rocky mountains! So I just wanted to share with you what a typical week's worth of my workouts are looking like lately.

Here's what this week looked like:

Sunday: an invigorating 2-hr hike on some steep trails to waterfalls in beautiful Telluride, CO (check out the pics on my blog)... amazing scenery, crisp fresh air, and a great leg workout climbing the steep rocky trails. Really hits the hammies/glutes hard on the way up, and the quads hard on the way down.

Monday: 40-minute resistance training workout at the hotel gym before leaving Telluride. Focused mostly on sumo deadlifts, chest presses, some upper back work, stability ball work, and finished with some high intensity bodyweight training with lunge jumps and high rep bw squats.

Tuesday: Off day to let the body rest.

Wednesday: did a hard-core 90-minute mountain bike ride with some of the hardest climbs I've ever done, but then rewarded with the exciting downhills... this is basically interval training to the extreme.

Thursday: 45 minute weight training workout in morning, and a 90-minute mountain hike in the evening.

I knew I needed to save some juice in the legs for the hike, so focused the morning weight training workout on almost all upper body... Clean & presses with the barbell, heavy 1-arm dumbbell rows, weighted dips, weighted pullups, and for variety even threw in something I almost never do... a couple single joint exercises...barbell curls and tri presses (usually always focus on multi-joint drills)

The hike was another good one, going to over 9,000 feet in elevation with the view of a great mountain sunset (no waterfalls on this one though).

Friday: 30 minute swimming workout (sprint style)... this swimming workout really helped to loosen up some of the soreness from lifting the day before. Finished with a good stretching session at the end.

So that's what my workout weeks have been looking like lately: 2 weight training workouts, 2 steep hikes, 1 hard mountain biking ride, and 1 swimming workout... as well as a full day of total rest mixed in once or twice a week.

I've really been enjoying the variety and I think it also helps to vary the stresses on the joints by not overdoing any one type of exercise.

btw, if you missed the awesome "six pack abs" audio interview that I sent you last week, you can listen to it here (or save it to your ipod):
Don't be lazy... be lean.

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