Fat Loss Workouts for Women

Today's post is mostly for the ladies (or for guys who want to get their woman a great gift).

You know by now about my opinion that men and women should generally train similar for similar goals... I hate the misconception that many females have that they need to somehow train differently than men.  Humans are humans!

With that said, I wanted to announce a great new website that was just released by my buddy Vince Delmonte's wife, Flavia.

The cool thing is that I think Flavia is a great example for many women, because she trains HARD... she trains with HEAVY weights... yet she certainly doesn't look "bulky" to me... you be the judge!  See her picture below:

Check out Flavia's Lean Body and her Full-Body Licious Program here

Flavia's workout and nutrition system has been tested by 95 females and founded on science based principles from Flavia's Masters Level Exercise & Nutrition Certification.

Plus, Flavia actually created this program based on the exact workouts and nutrition tactics that she used to get ready for a photo shoot where she went from 18% body fat down to 13.4% body fat in only 10 weeks!  Crazy stuff, and congrats to Flavia for the results of her hard work as you can see.

Go on over and check out Flavia's site to see her F.O.R.C.E Principles for a Flawless figure.

I really think you'll like this program and I would be doing you a disservice if I didn't let you know about it.

In fact, my girlfriend went through all of the videos and manuals yesterday (as a publisher, I got a sneak peak at the program), and she LOVES them... she actually already did one of the workouts last night and was totally whooped afterwards.  She felt great!

Read this page and start getting a flatter stomach, tighter booty, and great legs!

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer


The Worst 7 Exercises That You Should NEVER Do

I wanted to make sure you didn't miss this new important article we just published...

I just put a brand new article on the site that is a MUST-READ if you workout with typical gym exercises.  We all know some of my favorite exercises that rock your metabolism and build strong lean muscle such as squat variations, step-ups, deadlift variations, lunges, presses, upper body rows, etc...

However, today's article shows 7 common exercises that MOST people do at the gym that are horrendous for your body.  Most of these have almost no fat loss or muscle building benefit, and simultaneously can trigger injuries or joint problems over time.

Read every word of this article to see these 7 common gym exercises that you should NEVER do!  This is VERY important if you want to get the best results in your workouts without harming your body.

The 7 WORST exercises you should NEVER do (great article)

Please feel free to share this page with your friends and family that workout too so that we can protect them from injuring themselves at the gym.

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer


The TRUTH about fat burner pills, metabolism boosters, and appetite suppressants

If you're like me, you're sick and tired of all of the bogus "miracle fat burner pills" that come along all the time claiming to be the next thing that will allow you to get a perfect body without changing your lifestyle.

We all know by now that it takes a true dedication to quality nutrition from whole foods and a fitness lifestyle to lose fat and get the body that you want. However, as you know, I'm also big on trying to get whatever small fat loss advantage I can from certain natural substances such as cinnamon, teas, capsaicin, etc to assist my good healthy nutrition and intense workout programs.

I just got done reading a great new report that blows the lid on some of the biggest scams surrounding supplements such as carb blockers, fat blockers, "fat burners", "metabolism-boosters", appetite suppressants, etc. This report also shows what science is available to back up certain natural substances that we can take for that slight fat burning "edge" or boost...

You can grab that report at no cost below:

The TRUTH about "metabolism-boosters", fat burners, appetite suppressants, stimulants, and more

Enjoy the report!

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Mike Geary
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A problem with modern fruits and veggies

Most people think that "fruits and veggies" in general are all healthy.  This is true to some extent. 

However, we're not quite eating the fruits and veggies that nature intended us to eat... if that sounds strange to you, let me explain...

You see, the fruits and vegetables that we have at our grocery stores currently have been bred over the years to maximize sugar content, size, and appearance.  Therefore, the nutritional content of these fruits and veggies has diminished over the years as produce has been bred for sweetness or size instead of nutrition.

This means that although our fruits and veggies may still have relatively good micro-nutrient and antioxidant content (compared to processed foods), today's modern agricultural fruits and veggies are a far cry from what we would have eaten in the wild tens of thousands of years ago.  Those wild fruits and veggies were far more nutrient dense than what we're eating these days.

You can see this trend with any "wild" version of a fruit vs an agriculturally grown version.  Just take agricultural blueberries vs wild blueberries as an example... some ORAC (antioxidant measurement) reporting shows wild blueberries to have almost double the antioxidant levels of some cultivated blueberries.

Another issue is soil depletion from abused soils over decades of farming... You see, the massive amount of pesticides and chemical fertilizers actually KILLS off a lot of the beneficial micro-organisms in the soil that allows plant roots to properly absorb minerals and other nutrients out of the soil.  Essentially, our soils have been abused by chemicals which has damaged the microbial balance of soils just like you can damage the microbial balance in your gut by eating chemical-laced junk foods.

As you can see, both of these aspects combined (hybridized plants bred for size and appearance over nutrition, and also damaged soils) means that even if we eat lots of fruits and veggies in today's age, we still may be getting significantly less antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals compared to what we were meant to get in nature eating more "wild" varieties of fruits and veggies.

That's one of the main reasons I also started recently supplementing with a superfoods drink like Athletic Greens each day... this is one of my favorites because it has WAY more than just a few random greens powders...it also contains components from high ORAC berries, mushrooms, and dozens of other superfoods (a total of 76 superfood ingredients), all mixed into a pretty tasty drink.  This is by far the best tasting greens drink I've ever had in my opinion...it has a nice lightly sweetened taste, but uses natural stevia as the sweetener.

I actually personally know the owner of the Athletic Greens company (actually just had breakfast with him this morning on a trip I'm on in California), and I can tell you that he is very passionate about the quality of this product...they didn't cut any corners on sourcing the highest quality ingredients for producing Athletic Greens.

http://SuperfoodsCocktail.com  (best tasting greens drink in my opinion, and most complete ingredients)

Back to choosing healthier fruits and veggies... as I mentioned "wild" varieties are best, but apparently "heirloom" varieties may be higher in nutrients too and have had less breeding for sweetness and appearance than typical supermarket varieties. 

In addition, choosing organic versions is generally a step in the right direction and also obtaining your produce as much as possible from a local organic farmer, your own garden, or local produce stands or farmers markets can help to obtain produce with higher nutrient levels than typical supermarket produce.

One more thing I do to try to increase the amount of antioxidants I get daily to account for our slightly lower quality fruits and veggies in today's age is to use high antioxidant spices as much as I can such as turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, basil, oregano, etc.  Do you realize how powerful spices are for your health? 

Check out this article I co-authored about the power of spices for your body:

The top 10 "super-spices" that protect your body and boost metabolism

To your health,

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer


Metabolism-Boosting Foods

I love exploring new ways to make delicious meals that still support your efforts to get a lean body...  As you know, I absolutely HATE bland and boring meal plans.

Although it's popular in bodybuilding circles to eat boring meals, you'll never find me eating dry chicken breast, steamed broccoli (with nothing on it), and oatmeal with nothing in it.

I just found a new resource that I think you'll love with over 260 Metabolism-Boosting Recipes...

We're talking delicous fat burning meals such as:

* Metabolic Pancakes
* Metabolicious Krazy Kiwi Smootie
* Asian turkey burgers
* Choco-Peanut butter oat muffins
* Hot Paprika shrimp
* and over 250 other delicous fat-torching recipes

These new Metabolic recipes include:

-Side dishes
-Red Meat
-Chicken & Poultry
-Fish & Seafood
-and even Vegetarian

Make sure to grab a copy of this new Metabolic Cooking series now and start enjoying eating delicious metabolism-boosting foods for a lean body!

Bon appetit!

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer


How REAL butter can make you leaner

If you've read my book or my newsletters for some time, you know I'm a big fan of REAL butter... and NOT margarine.

In fact, I would NEVER, EVER even think about touching margarine with a ten foot pole... and even these new fancy so-called "cholesterol lowering" margarines still contain some trans fats and inflammatory refined oils.  I would NEVER touch those either.

I can't tell you how many times I've been at certain restaurants and been horrified to find that they don't even have real butter.... instead, they have nothing but artery-clogging trans fat laden margarine!  Yuck. No thanks.

I've also been shocked to find that some people (a LOT of people) are still confused about the whole butter and margarine thing.  In case you're still confused, let's clear this up now... the debate has actually been over for YEARS now, and I'll make it real simple:

Butter is healthy (if you choose the right type) ... Margarine is deadly!  Simple as that.

I know that's a bold claim to say that butter is healthy...but it's true, as long as you choose organic grass-fed (pastured) butter, and NOT butter that came from confinement feedlots (CAFOs) from cows fed corn.

In fact, butter is one of the best natural sources of the healthy fat conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) that actually helps you to build muscle and lose fat.  Butter is also a good source of the healthy fats, MCTs, and also omega-3's in grass-fed butter too.

But it doesn't stop there... this article below shows not only how butter can help you get leaner, but is also one of the best sources of a few very unique vitamins that are hard to get elsewhere, can improve your cardiovascular function, and even lower diabetes risk.

How butter can make you leaner and improve your health

That article is a must read!  It's refreshing to see a health author that actually "gets it" when it comes to this stuff.  I'm sick of reading meal plans from bodybuilders and nutritionists that say to avoid butter and make sure to have plain boring steamed vegetables instead.

No way!  I'll take my grass-fed butter on my vegetables and I'll love it.  And by the way, yes you CAN get single digit bodyfat lean and still use butter on your foods if you want.  I do it every day.

Some people have told me that they have a hard time finding grass-fed butter in their grocery store.  My favorite that I've found is called Kerrygold Irish butter, and although the label doesn't clearly state "grass-fed", this butter is 100% pasture-raised from cows that eat lush green grass in Ireland.  You can tell from the deep color of this butter, that it has higher levels of carotenoids than standard butter.

On related topics, here are a few articles of mine that I'd recommend reading:

How to choose healthy cooking oils (you may be surprised)

A land meat with more omega-3's than salmon?

Why Canola Oil is NOT healthy (don't be fooled)

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Mike Geary
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PS -  have you seen my delicious healthy chocolate pudding recipe?


How to Lose Fat Up to 9x Faster

I've got a great gift for you today that I think you'll love...

How you pair your exercise and nutrition habits together
is the most CRITICAL factor in determining your ultimate fat
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Our awesome friend and mentor, Dr. Kareem,
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Lose Fat Up To 9x Faster:  http://www.GetLeanFaster.com

Inside of this report, Dr K actually teaches you how to
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It's fascinating, and it's spot on!

Plus, you'll get 2 KILLER workouts (at no cost), all equipped
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A specific new method to get LEAN faster:


Enjoy the report, and if you enjoy it, go ahead and share this
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Mike Geary
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New article -  Benefits of Krill Oil on Fat Metabolism: