The ultimate motivation to work out

Sometimes it just takes some perspective to see how lame some people's excuses are as to why they can't workout or can't get in shape.

I can't tell you how many times over the years I've heard people claim that they "didn't have time to workout" or couldn't workout because of some other excuse (most of which can always be overcome).

I was reminded of this perspective recently when I go to my gym, there's been a 1-legged man that has been working out there hard every time I'm there.

And he outworks most people that have TWO legs!!

I can tell you that it's quite motivating to see this guy at the gym, and how he keeps himself in good shape... I mean seriously... he's got 1-leg and he's not making excuses!

He uses crutches to move himself between work stations, and when he's adding or removing weights from the bars, he literally hops on his 1-leg to move the weights on and off of the racks.

So next time you think about making excuses for why you can't get a workout in, keep in mind this 1-legged guy who should be an inspiration to all!

Kettlebell Workouts

You might have noticed that I talk a lot about the kettlebell workouts that I do outdoors or in my garage a lot of times. Sometimes I forget that a lot of people still don't know what kettlebells are or how they are used, and why they have added benefits compared to simple dumbbells.

And although so many people seem to mistakenly call these things "cattle-balls"... the real name is Kettlebells. Always makes me laugh when I hear someone say "cattle-balls".

Personally, I have two 53-lb kettlebells and one 70-lb kettlebell that I train with at my house that I use to "mix up" my workouts when things get stale with my gym workouts.

For most of my training clients in the past, I've started most females with an 18-lb kettlebell for most exercises and a 27-lb kettlebell for other exercises. Most guys will usually start with 35-lb kettlebells when they first start and then work up to 53-lbers or the 70-banger eventually.

I absolutely LOVE training with kettlebells and I don't think there's a tougher and more effective full body workout than using kettlebells. Plus you can't beat being outside and training with KB's in the fresh air.

Kettlebell exercises are totally different than most free weight exercises you would do at a gym and are perfect for somebody that prefers to workout in your house or outdoors, as you can pretty much workout anywhere anytime when it comes to kettlebells.

Since I've had so many questions over the years about what the heck to do with KB's and how to use them... I recently found out that a couple of my colleagues just came out with an excellent training manual with killer exercises and workouts, all dedicated to kettlebells.

Check it out:

Make sure to grab a copy of this new kettlebell workout program THIS WEEK as the price doubles this Friday. It's half price this week because it's launch week for this new product.
Have fun!

Til next newsletter,
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Mike Geary
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