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Do You Suffer from Back Pain?

If you've been suffering from back pain... whether mild or severe back pain or sciatica... I have a great article for you today.

I refer my clients with back issues to the experts on back pain at the Healthy Back Institute, and here's an article that will help you to relieve your back pain for good...

I'll be back in a few days with more Lean-Body nutrition and training secrets.

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Do You Gain Weight on Vacation? I did...

I just got back from a cruise in the caribbean last week and had a great time with friends and got some relaxation.

People are always surprised to find out that a fitness wacko like myself NEVER works out at all when I go on vacation (except for vacations that involve exercise like a ski vacation).

But other than that... it's true... every year, I at least go on one or two vacations that are just total relaxation and usually lots of good eating.

And to show you that I'm just as human as anybody else when it comes to gaining weight, I usually gain between 5-10 lbs every time I go on a week-long vacation that is a "relaxation" vacation.

On the vacation last week, I gained 9 lbs!

And I'll tell ya... I really don't care... because over the years, I've learned to have exact control over my bodyweight whenever I want to... I ALWAYS lose all of the weight I gained on a cruise within the 1st week back to my normal schedule... and true to normal form, I've already lost 7 of the 9 lbs I gained last week.

Actually, the day I got home, I was so amped up for a workout, I went right out to my local park and did an insane full body outdoor workout of hill sprints, wind sprints, and pushups and pullups mixed between the sprints.

Anyway, back to the reason I don't workout or eat my normal way on vacation... I do this for a couple reasons:

First, I actually prefer NOT to workout while on vacation so as to give my body an intentional break to rest and recuperate. Due to the fact that I'm so disciplined with exercise in my normal life and actually enjoy exercising almost every day, sometimes it's good a couple times a year to take a break for a week and make sure that my body is not overtrained.

Second, I'm usually also very disciplined with food, but I typically let the vacation be a semi free-for-all where I just gorge on anything and everything I want (although it surprises most people, but I still won't eat any deep fried food or sodas... they're still poison in my mind... but almost anything else goes).

Now I certainly don't recommend everybody just go and gain tons of weight on every vacation... because to be honest, most people never lose the weight they gain on vacation. They simply haven't learned exactly how to control their bodyweight at any given time.

My point to this whole thing is that... Wouldn't it be nice to feel confident in knowing that you can have total control over your bodyweight at any given time... If you happen to let yourself go for a week and gain some weight, you'll know that it'll be a piece of cake to lose it again.

Well that's what it's like when you've truly adopted a fitness lifestyle... instead of searching for the next worthless fad diet or new exercise gadget that is going to be the "breakthrough" to help you finally drop the weight... You already have total control of your bodyweight ALL THE TIME.

Here are the keys you MUST master to get to this level of control over your bodyweight:

1. Your life needs to actually be a fitness lifestyle... Exercise can't seem like a chore to you or it will never work... You actually need to enjoy at least several forms of exercise, and you actually need to enjoy eating healthy foods for their real and natural tastes.

2. Full-body resistance exercise is a must, no matter what. If you enjoy walking or tennis, basketball, and other sports, that's great... but at least 2-3 workouts per week still need to include full body resistance training... whether it's bodyweight exercises, free weight exercises, or a combination of several forms.

3. Gaining a thorough understanding of your personal nutritional needs and which foods are good for you and which are detrimental. If you don't understand enough about nutrition, you'll never be able to get through the sea of misleading food marketing at the grocery store and make the right choices. Knowing exactly what's in all of your food and how it causes a biochemical mess inside your body makes you think twice about eating junk.

4. You need to attain the mindset for lifelong fitness success. If your mind doesn't truly believe that you'll ever be in great shape and have the perfect body that you want, then it will never happen. Everything starts in the mind first.

If you haven't done so already, take the first step in getting total control over your body for life, by learning how to master all of this in my Truth about Six Pack Abs program. This isn't just about abs... it's about your entire body and lifestyle.

If you don't already have a copy, I've taken away ALL of your risk and recently set up a new No-Risk Trial Offer for you here:

I'll be back soon with more Lean-Body Secrets.

Til next time,Don't be lazy... be lean.

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