Why kettlebells for a lean strong body?

Since I recommended the program at yesterday, I know you may have had a few questions about why kettlebells are such effective workouts and also where to get kettlebells.

First, my kettlebells that I've had at my house for about 3-4 years now have been one of the best investments I've ever made in equipment to workout at home. Like I mentioned yesterday, I personally own two 53-lbers and one 70-lb kettlebell. I'm probably going to be getting a 2nd 70-lber soon so I can do some double KB drills with the heavier wts.

I usually recommend that most females start out with an 18-lb kettlebell and a 27-lb KB... and most males usually start out with a 27 or 35-lb kettlebell, and maybe a 53-lber too if you're strong. It helps to have 2 KB's of a certain weight too so that you can do a lot of the double KB drills.

While I still enjoy my gym workouts, having a few kettlebells at home comes in handy when you might only have 15-20 minutes to spend but still want to get a killer full body workout.

Since you can't get kettlebells at your local fitness equipment store, a great place that you can order a few of them online is here:

As for why kettlebells are so effective for fat loss and building a lean strong body...

For one, the unique shape and handle of a kettlebell changes the weighting pattern compared to a dumbbell. This forces your body to work additional stabilizing muscles in working out with kettlebells.

Also, kettlebell exercises (such as swings, snatches, clean & presses, high pulls, etc) tend to work your entire body very thoroughly and burn a TON of calories in the process. You can literally work every muscle in your body with just a couple kettlebells.

Plus, like I mentioned yesterday, I love to mix-up my workouts occasionally and take the kettlebells outside to get some fresh air while working out. sure beats a stuffy gym!

I'll never abandon my barbells and dumbbells... but having KB's at home adds some nice variety to my workouts, and I just think they're fun to train with too.

Remember, if you want to learn some awesome workouts to do with kettlebells to work your entire body, you can try the programs at:

And to get a few kettlebells that you'll be able to use for life at your own house, you can get them online here:

Have fun!

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer
Author - The Truth about Six Pack Abs

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