Lose fat and build muscle with this unique workout...

I've been on a golf trip with some buddies down in Myrtle Beach, SC over the past week, and I decided to stay a few extra days to relax by the beach, catch up on some reading, and do some swimming.

Even though I love living in the mountains of Colorado, and the active outdoor lifestyle and clean fresh air that comes with it, I sometimes miss being near the ocean.

So this week I've been taking advantage of staying at the beach and have been doing my workouts actually on the beach (and just a little bit in the weight room). I've really been enjoying these workouts as a nice change of pace and also the different atmosphere.

In the mornings, I've just been going out for a nice long walk on the beach to wake up for the day. Nothing strenuous...just more of a relaxing walk enjoying the ocean air and the scenery.

But in the evenings, I've been doing the real workouts. I've actually been using Jon Benson's new innovative 7 Minute Muscle style workouts in the gym... http://7MinuteMuscleProgram.com

These workouts are a lot more effective than I initially thought when I first heard of Jon's concept... they can really leave you whooped if you train with enough intensity during them. After the 7MM style workouts, I've been heading out on the beach to finish the workout with about 15-20 minutes of wind sprints and some pushups and lunges mixed in.

Training on the beach while watching the sunset has actually been a pretty motivating environment for me this week.

Now here's the important thing I've noticed about Jon's 7MM workouts... I actually don't agree with all of the exercises recommended in the routines... for example, any smith machine exercises as well as leg presses I don't feel are very effective exercises for many reasons.

However, that's not the point... The point is that the CONCEPT of the unique method that Jon uses to formulate the routines is incredible, and something that I've never seen in any other programs.

The fact that you can exhaust your muscles in only 7 minutes using this style is pretty cool indeed.

Although I agree with about 75% of the exercises chosen in the routines, for the 25% that I don't agree with (such as the smith machine exercises, the leg presses, etc), I simply make substitutions with dumbbell or barbell exercises that I do agree with.

For example, if the protocol calls for a smith machine bench press, I'll substitute a free-weighted barbell or dumbbell press (incline or flat). If the routine calls for a leg press or a smith machine squat, I'll instead substitute a barbell squat (front or back) or perhaps a dumbbell lunge.

My opinion on the 7 Minute Muscle Program as a whole is that this is a great program to use to give your body a new type of stimulus since the training style is so different from most routines. It could really shock your body into new results. I definitely recommend giving it a try if you're ready for something new.

Go here to grab a copy: http://7MinuteMuscleProgram.com

Keep in mind that the most important part of the book is the entire middle portion where Jon describes his unique "3-Flow Process" about the mental part of your training. This is vitally important and super-powerful stuff.

I'll even admit that this technique alone has really jumpstarted my workout intensity and results once again. Enjoy, and good luck!

I'll be back soon with more Lean-Body Secrets.

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer


Ab exercises don't help with stomach fat loss


A workout technique for crazy results in only 7 minutes per day

I just finished reading a great new book written by my good friend and world-renowned fitness/nutrition expert Jon Benson. It's called "7 Minute Muscle" - http://7MinuteMuscleProgram.com

I have to say that I was shocked with how unique Jon's new fitness program is.

First of all, being the exercise junky that I am, I've read just about every workout program in existance over the last 20 years or so (and tried most of them too). I've tried everything from standard rep/set schemes to near-max 1RM training, German volume training, the 5x5 method, Single-Set training, pure powerlifting programs, high volume "pump" bodybuilding training, various forms of "density" training, 20-rep methods, etc, etc.

The cool thing is that Jon has come up with a method of training that is uniquely different from most of these methods.

He actually combined research he did from well over 100 books and dozens of research journal studies on almost every method of training possible to formulate what he feels is one of the best ways to build lean sexy muscle throughout your body in as little time commitment as possible.

In fact, he developed these workouts to give you maximum results in as little as 7 minutes/day.

Of course, depending on your level of fitness and your goals, these programs can actually be modified to 14 minutes or 21 minutes.

Either way, this unique style of workout can save you a LOT OF TIME compared with a typical 60 or 90 minute workout programs that many people do 3 - 4 or more times per week.

Jon goes over everything you need to know in this program, including:
  • The optimal set and rep schemes to build lean muscle and burn fat in as little as 7-minute workouts
  • The truth about HIT training
  • Resistance variation in your workouts
  • The best types of training to keep your joints stronger with less risk of injury
  • How to modify the routines to continuously avoid boredom in your workouts
  • Why the 7MM programs can actually help you to sleep better
  • How to decrease your stress hormones and increase your fat burning & muscle building hormones
  • A specific training technique found in studies that you can do after each set that increases growth hormone (one of the most important fat burning and muscle building hormones in your body) above and beyond the way most people do a weight training set
  • One of the problems with "training to failure"
  • and dozens more secrets about training in the most effective and time-efficient manner possible

However, here's what really blew me away about Jon's 7 Minute Muscle Program...

He goes WAY BEYOND WORKOUTS, and delves into some incredible material about how our brains are actually affecting our workout results... and some secrets you can use to train your mind in a manner that will give you 10x better results than you've ever experienced before.

Remember in last week's newsletter how I mentioned that I recently discovered that the reason I have no problem avoiding junk food and always eating healthy has more to do with what's going on in my mind rather than just simple willpower or discipline...

Well, in addition to nutrition, your mind is also controlling how much you enjoy exercise and the results you get from your workouts.

This was actually a really fascinating portion of the program and what I feel to be the most important part. If you've struggled to get results no matter what exercise program you try, this may be the missing link for you. This goes way beyond just "positive thinking" and "visualization". You'll see what I mean when you read the program.

You can check it out here:



I'll be back in a couple days with more training, nutrition, and mindset tips for a leaner, healthier body.

Til then,
Don't be lazy... be lean.

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer
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My best tip to eat healthy without discipline

I've been interviewed a lot lately for fat loss teleseminars, radio shows, etc, and one question really caught my attention recently.

I believe I was asked how I maintain so much discipline to always eat healthy and rarely ever cheat.

Well, first of all, I don't always eat perfect, but if I do cheat, it's only a couple times a month and only when I eat out. So basically, I never keep any junk food at all in the house. And even when I do "cheat"... I still never eat french fries, soda, donuts, or candy.

But I get asked often how I stay so disciplined to eat so healthy and always bypass the fries, sodas, and other junk foods that we're all bombarded with on a daily basis.

I thought about it for a second, and my answer was that I don't really think it's about discipline for me. Instead, I have something going on in my head that makes the thought of eating deep fried food, candy, donuts, or sodas not appealing at all to me.

In fact, it even goes a step beyond junk food just not appealing to me...

My mindset is that these junk foods actually appear disgusting to me and I have no desire to eat them at all. I actually crave healthy foods instead.

So it made me think... Why do some of us see junk foods and not crave them at all (and even view them as disgusting), while others see junk foods and cannot resist the temptation?

That's a tough call...and when it comes to how our minds work, things can get complicated.

For me personally, I can say that I think the reason why junk food is so revolting to me is that I've spent so many years reading about all of the negative effects that these foods have on your body... and digging into the actual science and the negative cellular reactions that they cause within your body.

Due to the fact that I've read in such depth about what these foods do to your body, I have ingrained in my head over the years that these foods are pure evil and therefore, I have no desire to eat them.

In fact, my dislike of junk foods is so deeply rooted at this point in my life, even the smell of deep fried chicken or donuts sometimes can make me feel sick, whereas the smell of a healthy meal makes me feel energized.

I never realized during all of these years that this was the reason that I eat so healthy on a regular basis. Everyone always said I just had "discipline"... but now that I've actually thought about it more, I've discovered that it's not discipline, but rather that my brain views junk foods with such a negative view, that the thought of eating junk food almost makes me feel sick.

This is interesting indeed. I'm not a brain-science expert, so I can't explain exactly how to adopt this type of mindset. All I can say is... keep continually educating yourself on nutrition and how different types of foods are processed and react in your body.

Hopefully, by learning exactly what is going wrong in your body when you consume trans fats or excess processed sugars, perhaps that will help you to view junk foods in such a negative way that you no longer crave them at all.

Good luck!

Here are a couple additional nutrition articles of mine that might help you make healthier food choices:

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Til next newsletter,
Don't be lazy... be lean.

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer
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Eat Healthy Dining Out, Mexican recipe, flat abs tips, etc

Hey, it's Mike again from TruthAboutAbs.com. I just had a couple articles on different topics that I thought you might enjoy today. Here goes...

1. Get lean & maintain six pack abs even with social temptations, eating out, etc...

2. A favorite healthy meal plan - Mexican Tostada Lunch...

3. Reduce PMS symptoms with this...

4. Which cooking oils are healthiest and which are the worst for you?

Please feel free to email these articles on to any friends or family that you think will enjoy them.

I'll be back soon with more Lean Body Secrets. Til next time,
Don't be lazy... be lean.

Mike Geary
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Certified Personal Trainer
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Fast Fat Loss Workouts for Busy People - both Bodyweight & Dumbbell Exercises

How to Lose Stomach Fat Fast

Check out Isabel De Los Rios' Diet Solution Program. It's a MUST-READ for anybody that cares about their health:


These Scumbags Promote HFCS as Healthy?

If you haven't seen it already on TV or online, the Corn Refiners Association has started a massive marketing campaign to try to revamp the poor public image of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

In my opinion, this is PURE SLEEZE! These guys are scumbags!

We all know by now that HFCS is one of the worst things in our food supply. I lump it in with trans fats as one of the biggest dangers and causes of health problems and obesity in our food supply.

Basically, with this new MASSIVE advertising campaign (I'm seeing the ads everywhere lately online and on TV), they are trying to give the impression that HFCS is somehow "healthy".
Yeah, and while society and our kids get fatter and more unhealthy, they're lining their pockets with massive profits since HFCS is in the majority of processed food.

It's one thing to sell unhealthy products... I mean, everybody has the right to buy or sell something unhealthy if they really want to. However, these guys are taking it to a new level (an immoral one) at trying to give the impression that HFCS is healthy.

They don't come right out and say that it's healthy, but they do say these misleading statements:

"it's all natural"
"it's made from corn"
"it' no worse than table sugar"
"contains the same calories as table sugar"

Once again...scumbags!

In one of the commercials they show someone eating a popsicle, and the actress basically defends it saying that "it's all natural" and it's "made from corn". The other commercial I saw shows them offering someone a sweetened soft drink (since most soft drinks are sweetened with HFCS) and basically tries to give the same type of impression that it's not so bad for you after all.
Are you kidding me!

First of all, HFCS is worse than sugar. However, I won't even get into the scientific discussion of how this affects the insulin and leptin process in your body, blood sugar, the hunger trigger, etc...
Instead, I'll make a more important point:

WHO CARES if it's "no worse for you than table sugar"... because table sugar is one of the worst things you can put in your body anyway, so it's not even a valid argument!

The bottom line is that if you want to maintain a lean healthy body for life, you should be minimizing, or even eliminating all table sugar and HFCS... as well as eliminating most processed food in general.

And don't even get me started on their claim that HFCS is "all-natural". Maybe according to some idiotic definition of "natural", you can claim that it's natural... but all we need to know is that it's a highly processed, refined substance that MAKES YOU FAT!

That's all we need to know. I don't care if you call it natural or artificial.

Think about all of this the next time you're offered a can of soda, a popsicle, ice cream, cereals, candy, cakes, etc... they are almost always loaded with HFCS and go directly against your efforts to get lean and stay healthy.

On another subject...

"a near-death experience"

I recently got together with 12 of the best fitness professionals in the world out in Vegas for a 2-day meeting.

Well, something happened a few days before our meeting that really made me think deeply about our lives and the time we have here.

You see, what happened was that my friend and colleague Rob Poulos got in a severe car accident.

Rob left the house and was taking his 2 young kids to the grocery store when a huge tree fell on the car, crushing half of the car while they were driving.

Luckily Rob and his kids were alright, but if this tree had fallen just a half a second later, it could have killed or seriously injured Rob or his kids.

This really made me think about what we're doing in our lives and are we really taking action on everything we want to achieve, everything we want to enjoy in life, and are we spending the time we want with the people that are important to us.

Rob made a short video about this incident and you should take a quick look here:


I hope that this video spurs you to take action on what you want to achieve.

I'll talk to you soon,

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer
Founder - TruthAboutAbs.com & BusyManFitness.com



Which is the Healthy Breakfast? Test Your Nutrition IQ

Hey there, it's Mike Geary from TruthAboutAbs.com, and I have a little nutrition IQ test for you today. See if you can guess correctly which breakfast is healthier below.

Breakfast option #1:

  • Special K cereal with low-fat soy milk
  • Glass of Orange juice
  • Half of a wheat bagel

Breakfast option #2:
  • Half of a grapefruit
  • Whole eggs scrambled with vegetables & organic grass-fed cheese, topped with avocado slices and salsa
  • Bison sausage (grass-fed, organic)

And the winner is... breakfast #2 by a landslide!

If you picked breakfast #1... well, you've been fooled by clever marketing to think that soy milk, special K cereals, and wheat bagels are actually health foods.

Here are the major problems with breakfast #1:

a. There's NOTHING even remotely healthy about soy milk, despite the billions of dollars of marketing they have behind it to try to scam you into thinking processed soy is a health food.
Beyond the possible thyroid problems that soy can create for many people, soy has many anti-nutrients such as phytates, lectins, oxalates, and protease inhibitors that can be detrimental if overconsumed.

Soy can also contain high levels of certain heavy metals, is one of the most allergenic foods on earth, has one of the highest levels of pesticide residues of any food, and also can create a hormonal mess if overconsumed in the bodies of both men and women due to excess estrogenic compounds.

Want more belly fat? Well, go ahead and drink daily soy milk and I can bet you'll gain lots more belly fat!

If you want to learn all of the gory details and the full history of soy processing, I highly recommend "The Whole Soy Story" by Kaayla Daniel, PhD.

You can find it at amazon here:

b. Despite the marketing claims that Special K cereal is a health food, realize that it is still mostly refined flour with very little fiber. This is definitely not a great fat loss choice even though the ads will try to convince you of this.

c. Most wheat bagels still have way too much refined flours in them to be considered healthy. This is yet another blood sugar trap disguised as health food.

d. The glass of orange juice will give you even more carbs in this already carb-heavy meal. Although orange juice has a lot of nutrients, it is still a lot of excess sugar waiting to give you even more wild blood sugar swings.

Stick to a whole orange (or a grapefruit) instead of juice... thay way, you get a lot more fiber and will fill you up more and slow the blood sugar response.

Breakfast #2, if you'll notice, is a much more balanced meal, that still contains some carbohydrates, but provides a lot more protein and healthy fats with the whole eggs & organic grass-fed cheese and bison.

Rounding out the nutrition profile with avocado, salsa, mixed veggies in the eggs and a half of a grapefruit really makes this breakfast a winner that will provide your body with loads of nutrients and antioxidants as well as keeping you satisfied longer, without any wild blood sugar swings.

On the topic of nutrition, if you haven't seen it already, I highly recommend getting a copy of my colleague Isabel's Diet Solution Program -


I'll be back soon with more Lean-Body Secrets. Til next ezine,
Don't be lazy... be lean.

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer

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