Canola Oil - is it unhealthy or an urban legend?

Regarding the last newsletter I sent out about the reasons that canola oil is unhealthy...

I wanted to clarify that the reasons I'm saying canola oil is horrible for your health have nothing to do with what most websites are talking about when they defend canola and call it an "urban legend" that it's bad for you.

The article is updated now to address the "urban legend" aspect here:

Is Canola Oil Healthy or is it a giant marketing deception?

Here's the deal...

There is a problem with most websites that DEFEND canola oil, saying that internet "urban legends" on the dangers of canola oil are unfounded.

The problem is that these websites that defend canola oil ONLY talk about the issue of erucic acid. The issue of erucic acid IS an urban legend, because erucic acid has been bred out to very low levels over the years, so it is a non-issue.

However, these websites that defend canola oil are barking up the wrong tree because they don't address the issue of the processing of canola oil and oxidation of the polyunsaturated component of canola oil, which is what makes it unhealthy for human consumption. THAT'S the real issue that they either don't understand (because they are not nutrition experts) or are simply ignoring.

The rest of details about the TRUE reason that canola oil is bad for you are covered in that article link above.

If you see clueless people and websites (that don't know a damn thing about nutrition) arguing that canola oil is good for you, just think of it this way...

Do you really want to eat an oil like canola oil that has gone through a process of caustic refining, degumming, bleaching, and deoderization, all using high heat and questionable chemicals, which increased the trans fat content and also made the polyunsatured fats inflammatory inside your body?

Or would you rather stick to an oil such as extra virgin olive oil or virgin coconut oil that has NOT undergone any of those nasty processes and is known to have real health benefits?

Easy decision for sure! Case closed.

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I'll be back soon with more Lean Body Secrets newsletters.

Mike Geary
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