The Worst 7 Exercises That You Should NEVER Do

I wanted to make sure you didn't miss this new important article we just published...

I just put a brand new article on the site that is a MUST-READ if you workout with typical gym exercises.  We all know some of my favorite exercises that rock your metabolism and build strong lean muscle such as squat variations, step-ups, deadlift variations, lunges, presses, upper body rows, etc...

However, today's article shows 7 common exercises that MOST people do at the gym that are horrendous for your body.  Most of these have almost no fat loss or muscle building benefit, and simultaneously can trigger injuries or joint problems over time.

Read every word of this article to see these 7 common gym exercises that you should NEVER do!  This is VERY important if you want to get the best results in your workouts without harming your body.

The 7 WORST exercises you should NEVER do (great article)

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Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer