The TRUTH about fat burner pills, metabolism boosters, and appetite suppressants

If you're like me, you're sick and tired of all of the bogus "miracle fat burner pills" that come along all the time claiming to be the next thing that will allow you to get a perfect body without changing your lifestyle.

We all know by now that it takes a true dedication to quality nutrition from whole foods and a fitness lifestyle to lose fat and get the body that you want. However, as you know, I'm also big on trying to get whatever small fat loss advantage I can from certain natural substances such as cinnamon, teas, capsaicin, etc to assist my good healthy nutrition and intense workout programs.

I just got done reading a great new report that blows the lid on some of the biggest scams surrounding supplements such as carb blockers, fat blockers, "fat burners", "metabolism-boosters", appetite suppressants, etc. This report also shows what science is available to back up certain natural substances that we can take for that slight fat burning "edge" or boost...

You can grab that report at no cost below:

The TRUTH about "metabolism-boosters", fat burners, appetite suppressants, stimulants, and more

Enjoy the report!

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Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
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