Fat Loss Workouts for Women

Today's post is mostly for the ladies (or for guys who want to get their woman a great gift).

You know by now about my opinion that men and women should generally train similar for similar goals... I hate the misconception that many females have that they need to somehow train differently than men.  Humans are humans!

With that said, I wanted to announce a great new website that was just released by my buddy Vince Delmonte's wife, Flavia.

The cool thing is that I think Flavia is a great example for many women, because she trains HARD... she trains with HEAVY weights... yet she certainly doesn't look "bulky" to me... you be the judge!  See her picture below:

Check out Flavia's Lean Body and her Full-Body Licious Program here

Flavia's workout and nutrition system has been tested by 95 females and founded on science based principles from Flavia's Masters Level Exercise & Nutrition Certification.

Plus, Flavia actually created this program based on the exact workouts and nutrition tactics that she used to get ready for a photo shoot where she went from 18% body fat down to 13.4% body fat in only 10 weeks!  Crazy stuff, and congrats to Flavia for the results of her hard work as you can see.

Go on over and check out Flavia's site to see her F.O.R.C.E Principles for a Flawless figure.

I really think you'll like this program and I would be doing you a disservice if I didn't let you know about it.

In fact, my girlfriend went through all of the videos and manuals yesterday (as a publisher, I got a sneak peak at the program), and she LOVES them... she actually already did one of the workouts last night and was totally whooped afterwards.  She felt great!

Read this page and start getting a flatter stomach, tighter booty, and great legs!

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer