Metabolism-Boosting Foods

I love exploring new ways to make delicious meals that still support your efforts to get a lean body...  As you know, I absolutely HATE bland and boring meal plans.

Although it's popular in bodybuilding circles to eat boring meals, you'll never find me eating dry chicken breast, steamed broccoli (with nothing on it), and oatmeal with nothing in it.

I just found a new resource that I think you'll love with over 260 Metabolism-Boosting Recipes...

We're talking delicous fat burning meals such as:

* Metabolic Pancakes
* Metabolicious Krazy Kiwi Smootie
* Asian turkey burgers
* Choco-Peanut butter oat muffins
* Hot Paprika shrimp
* and over 250 other delicous fat-torching recipes

These new Metabolic recipes include:

-Side dishes
-Red Meat
-Chicken & Poultry
-Fish & Seafood
-and even Vegetarian

Make sure to grab a copy of this new Metabolic Cooking series now and start enjoying eating delicious metabolism-boosting foods for a lean body!

Bon appetit!

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer