These Scumbags Promote HFCS as Healthy?

If you haven't seen it already on TV or online, the Corn Refiners Association has started a massive marketing campaign to try to revamp the poor public image of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

In my opinion, this is PURE SLEEZE! These guys are scumbags!

We all know by now that HFCS is one of the worst things in our food supply. I lump it in with trans fats as one of the biggest dangers and causes of health problems and obesity in our food supply.

Basically, with this new MASSIVE advertising campaign (I'm seeing the ads everywhere lately online and on TV), they are trying to give the impression that HFCS is somehow "healthy".
Yeah, and while society and our kids get fatter and more unhealthy, they're lining their pockets with massive profits since HFCS is in the majority of processed food.

It's one thing to sell unhealthy products... I mean, everybody has the right to buy or sell something unhealthy if they really want to. However, these guys are taking it to a new level (an immoral one) at trying to give the impression that HFCS is healthy.

They don't come right out and say that it's healthy, but they do say these misleading statements:

"it's all natural"
"it's made from corn"
"it' no worse than table sugar"
"contains the same calories as table sugar"

Once again...scumbags!

In one of the commercials they show someone eating a popsicle, and the actress basically defends it saying that "it's all natural" and it's "made from corn". The other commercial I saw shows them offering someone a sweetened soft drink (since most soft drinks are sweetened with HFCS) and basically tries to give the same type of impression that it's not so bad for you after all.
Are you kidding me!

First of all, HFCS is worse than sugar. However, I won't even get into the scientific discussion of how this affects the insulin and leptin process in your body, blood sugar, the hunger trigger, etc...
Instead, I'll make a more important point:

WHO CARES if it's "no worse for you than table sugar"... because table sugar is one of the worst things you can put in your body anyway, so it's not even a valid argument!

The bottom line is that if you want to maintain a lean healthy body for life, you should be minimizing, or even eliminating all table sugar and HFCS... as well as eliminating most processed food in general.

And don't even get me started on their claim that HFCS is "all-natural". Maybe according to some idiotic definition of "natural", you can claim that it's natural... but all we need to know is that it's a highly processed, refined substance that MAKES YOU FAT!

That's all we need to know. I don't care if you call it natural or artificial.

Think about all of this the next time you're offered a can of soda, a popsicle, ice cream, cereals, candy, cakes, etc... they are almost always loaded with HFCS and go directly against your efforts to get lean and stay healthy.

On another subject...

"a near-death experience"

I recently got together with 12 of the best fitness professionals in the world out in Vegas for a 2-day meeting.

Well, something happened a few days before our meeting that really made me think deeply about our lives and the time we have here.

You see, what happened was that my friend and colleague Rob Poulos got in a severe car accident.

Rob left the house and was taking his 2 young kids to the grocery store when a huge tree fell on the car, crushing half of the car while they were driving.

Luckily Rob and his kids were alright, but if this tree had fallen just a half a second later, it could have killed or seriously injured Rob or his kids.

This really made me think about what we're doing in our lives and are we really taking action on everything we want to achieve, everything we want to enjoy in life, and are we spending the time we want with the people that are important to us.

Rob made a short video about this incident and you should take a quick look here:


I hope that this video spurs you to take action on what you want to achieve.

I'll talk to you soon,

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer
Founder - TruthAboutAbs.com & BusyManFitness.com


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