The Truth about Six Pack Abs VIDEOS are here

Well, everybody has been wanting Truth about Six Pack Abs VIDEOS to go with the written manuals... and they are finally here!

Since I'm a complete DUNCE with using video cameras and all of the logistics of getting that on the web... I hired my good friend Dr. Samhouri, an expert Doctor of Physical Therapy, to go through all of the TAA exercises, workouts, warmups, specialty exercises, etc for you on video.

This is like having your own Personal Trainer and Physical Therapist right on your computer (or your iPod too!) showing you perfect form on every exercise, tricks to maximize results with each exercise, how to prevent injury, and TONS more.

This project was a LOT of work to get all of the exercises and workouts filmed for you...

But the doc and I are so excited about releasing this, that we're going to let you have access to everything for 70%-off until this Saturday the 13th.

Go check it out now:


I'll talk to you soon,

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer

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