My fat burning lunch & crazy workout circuits

I'm writing you today's newsletter from beautiful scenic Telluride, CO.

I've been on a skiing road trip with a couple buddies this week, and right now I'm sitting near a fire in the lodge looking out at some of the most spectacular Rocky mountain views I've ever seen.

Probably the only better views I've ever seen are in Silverton, CO where we're heading later today. Silverton easily has some of the most rugged, extreme, beautiful mountains I've ever seen anywhere in the world (although the views in the Andes of Chile when I was there 2 years ago were pretty impressive too!)

This week has been some extreme workouts for me and my friends as we've been doing some hardcore hikes to 12,000-foot and 13,000-foot peaks and skiing hard at several different mountains in southwest Colorado.

When you're traveling, it's not always easy to find the healthiest meal options, but I try to do my best.

I just finished lunch here in Telluride and it was pretty good, and fairly healthy too:

-A pork tenderloin sandwich (removed the top half of the bun to reduce the refined wheat empty carbs)
-A mixed greens salad with vinegar and olive oil
-An entire avocado (I needed the extra calories and healthy fat from all of this hard exercise this week)
-An unsweetened green-white tea

A pretty healthy and balanced meal considering it's a travel meal.

** Crazy workout circuits:

Normally you would have to enter your email address to get access to these workouts and bonus gifts, but my good friend Dr. K (one of the best up and coming workout experts in this industry and someone who has become of good friend of mine over the past year or two) is generously allowing my readers to access these workout videos at this page below...


I'll be back in a few days with more Lean-Body Secrets. Now it's time to get back to enjoying my skiing trip!

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