1 chemical that might be making you gain fat

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As you know from my past newsletters, I try to cover every topic that may be holding you back from getting the body you want... sometimes it's nutrition and superfoods, sometimes exercise-related topics, sometimes motivation. But...

Today, I want to point out a specific factor that many people are overlooking, and it could be FORCING your body to hold onto stubborn bodyfat...

-This is not about calories or carbs
-This is not about a specific workout
-This is not about a supplement or newfangled gimmickdiet's about something called Neuropeptide Y (NPY)

A 1995 study found that 1 of the 4 major underlying factors causing obesity was high levels of NPY. It also found that NPY can stimulate your body to increase cravings and appetite, hence further contributing to weight gain.

NPY can even stimulate your body to increase the size AND number of fat cells... Now that's scary!

So what triggers your body to produce NPY, hence making you fatter?


I know, I've heard the lecture about stress a gazillion times by now...

and I've talked in my newsletters in the past and in my book about possible ways to help you reduce stress to help reduce the nasty chemical reactions inside your body that stress causes.

But today I have a really unique way that's very powerful in battling stress and helping you to lose excess body fat caused by stress and NPY...

it's actually an audio technique, and I even started using this myself about 2 years ago.

It's a CD that uses a technology called "Holosync", and it can help you to induce stress-busting meditation levels similar to that of a Zen Monk... but without the typical time commitment of normal meditation.

You can get a Free demo CD of this technology at this page

I don't get a dime by recommending this... it's just something that I've used myself, and I think it's a fairly fascinating technology. I talked directly with the company to make sure they were cool with me recommending this in my newsletter.

They were obviously excited to have me recommend their audio CDs, and they even went ahead and set up that page for you to get a free demo to try it out.

Besides reducing stress and levels of NPY, and hence, helping you to get leaner... the Holosync audio technology can also:
  • Improve your creativity, intelligence, and mental functioning
  • It creates healing of emotional traumas and self-imposed limitations forever, even for people who have been unsuccessful with other methods
  • It can actually slow the aging process by stimulating the production of many neurochemicals and other substances in the body that are associated with longevity, well-being, and better health
  • It can dramatically raise your threshold for stress and cause stress-induced dysfunctional feelings and behaviors (including anger, depression, fear, anxiety, substance abuse, and many others) to fall away
  • It can increase your self-awareness, inner peace, and happiness, as well as your ability to connect with other people and create successful relationships
Sounds pretty exciting huh! It's not surprising since we already know that all success in every area of life originates in your brain, and that includes getting your best body.

You can try out the entire CD set, or just get the Free demo CD here

Free fat loss video:  4 foods to NEVER eat

I'll be back soon with more Lean-Body fat burning recipes, workout tricks, and more in a few days.

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer

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