Chocolate and red wine without the calories?

There's been a lot of hype over the past couple years about foods such as chocolate, red wine, and green tea and the antioxidant and anti-aging benefits of all 3 of them.

However, there are detriments too as chocolate is very calorically dense, and red wine contains the alcohol as well as a fair dose of calories itself. I can't say there's any detriments to unsweetened green tea.

The solution to these detriments is usually simply to eat chocolate and drink red wine in small doses. I've always said that one of my tricks to controlling my sweet tooth is to have 1 small square of super-dark chocolate after my meals.

I also usually try to stick to only 1-2 glasses of wine just a couple times a week.

However, by sticking to small doses, you minimize the benefits of the powerful antioxidants in red wine and chocolate.


Chocolate & Red Wine Benefits WITHOUT the Calories & Alcohol?

What if there was a way to get MUCH higher doses of the active antioxidants in chocolate and red wine, but without the calories and alcohol?

One problem I've always read about with the research behind resveratrol is that you'd have to drink gallons upon gallons of red wine daily to get enough resveratrol to have significant benefits. This amount of alcohol would obviously kill someone, plus be a boatload of calories.

Turns out there IS a way to benefit from high doses of the active ingredients in chocolate and red wine but without the calories and alcohol!

As you know from most of my past writings, I'm VERY skeptical about most supplements, and there are only a few that I actually take myself and recommend to my readers.

My friend Buck (no, not Uncle Buck!) owns a very reputable supplement company... and YES, Buck IS a good friend of mine... we became good friends on a couple adventure trips I've gone with him over the past 2 years.

When I recommend a product from another company, and I say that they are a friend of mine, I actually DO mean it. After all, I usually only recommend products from people I know and trust, or that I've used myself and had a good experience with.

Well, Buck has a great product that uses a blend of resveratrol (the equivalent resveratrol per serving of approx 50 Liters of Pinot Noir!), a cocoa extract, a green tea extract, as well as L-carnosine, alpha lipoic acid, and a few others...

check it out --

Now although I've talked trash in the past about so many of these bogus supplement companies that are using this type of "free trial" model (many of them are very shady companies that aren't honest about their label claims), I do know personally that Buck's company is honest and will take care of you.

You can opt to take the trial and get on a monthly shipping plan, or you can opt to just purchase a few bottles up front and see how you like them.

Personally, I got a 6-month supply to stock up and I've been using them daily for about 2 months now.

If you want to get the benefits of red wine and chocolate (plus green tea and ALA) without the calories or alcohol, try this out:

btw, if you missed my pics and stories about my Hawaii trip last month, you can check it out here

I'll be back soon with more fat loss tips, recipes, and unique workouts to get you in the shape of your life this new year!

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer

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