Did I lose my abs in Hawaii?

Well, a few nights of drinking and eating on the town in Waikiki last weekend, and my abs disappeared entirely!

Just kidding... 2 nights on the town certainly can't add that much body fat, although I probably did a little bit of damage. Luckily the rest of week we spent in Hawaii was a little more athletic and active, so I was back to healthy eating and working out daily.

As you may know, in my 5 years of fitness publishing online, I've never felt the need to "show off" and have my sites plastered with shirtless pics. After all, I think the exercise pics in my book show that I keep in pretty good shape.

But a few people told me recently that I need to "prove" that I'm a good role model and truly live the healthy lifestyle that I preach. I tend to be a little camera shy which was another reason why I've never wanted to put shirtless pics all over my sites.

So, here's a recent pic I did, which I think turned out alright:

And now for my adventure in Hawaii this past week...

1. I ate more pineapple than I think I've eaten my entire life! Plus, we did a pineapple plantation tour and actually learned all about pineapple farming and even picked my own pineapples from a field to bring back to Colorado with me.

Eating the fresh pineapples right out of the field, still warm from the sun, were the tastiest pineapples I've ever had!

2. We did a helicopter tour of both islands of Maui and Oahu... they were both incredibly beautiful...some pics below for you to see.

3. I went down in a small submarine and saw lots of incredible marine life including puffer fish, eels, tons of colorful fish, and even a shark.

4. I ate at least 12 different types of fish, and had loads of delicous sushi. I even learned about a hawaiian fish that has about 20 letters or more in it's name, and starts with Humuhumu... I can't even attempt the rest of the spelling. I LOVE their freshly caught snapper. I certainly loaded up on my omega-3's this week.

5. I was fascinated with the "micro-climates" in Hawaii. There is a place in Hawaii that gets the most rain on earth at 488 inches on average annually. And literally a couple dozen miles away on the other side of the mountain is a desert averaging only 10 or so inches of rain annually.

6. We saw 50 foot waves!! No joke... this past week had some of the largest waves in over 50 years in parts of Hawaii, and we actually got to view 50 foot waves! There were some reports that in some areas occasional waves were as high as 60-70 feet...basically like mini tidal waves. It was crazy!

It's tough to tell how big that wave is, but you can just barely see a boat in the water. Look how much bigger the wave is compared to the boat!
Check out this youtube vid of Kelly Slater riding a massive 40 foot wave while we were there. Insane!

7. I did some ocean kayaking on the last day in Maui and while I was about 300 yards offshore in the kayak, I got the crap scared out of me as I thought a big shark came up right next to my kayak. Turns out it was a massive manta ray once I got a better look at it that came to the surface about 5 feet from my kayak!
The thing that made it worse was I just saw a show on TV a couple weeks ago about a guy that got attacked by a huge shark while kayaking, so it was already in the back of my mind!

8. I learned that there is a 13,700 foot peak in Hawaii that actually gets snow! Very interesting. I also flew in a helicopter over a 10,000 foot peak in Maui and that was an interesting scene too.

Some more cool pics that I got:

I hope you enjoyed the pics! I have a ton more, but can't fit too many on here.

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