A Late-Night Craving-Busting Healthy Snack

This is pretty simple but it's a super-healthy late night snack I've been using lately... If it's something you like, give it a try as it can definitely help to reduce cravings and control your appetite, while giving your body the nutrition it needs.

Basically, what I do is make my own mixture of raw almond butter mixed with raw pecan butter (I get both of these at a local health food store, or at Whole Foods).

I mix the 2 nut butters together in a tupperware container, and also mix in a hefty dose of cinnamon (a super-antioxidant), a touch of real maple syrup just to give it a hint of sweetness (or a little stevia), and a couple scoops of an extra fiber source (I've used rice bran, which adds a little nutty crunchy texture that I like).

Make sure the almond butter and pecan butter is at room temperature so that it's easy to mix and stir. I just mix these ingredients together well in the container, throw it in the fridge, and then each night when I feel the need for a little snack, I just take a couple spoonfuls of this tasty mix and it instantly satisfies my appetite.

You get tons of nutrition without boatloads of calories... and a good source of protein and healthy fats with a decent shot of fiber too.

Plus, it's pretty delicious, and blows away plain old boring peanut butter any day! Give it a shot as long as almonds and pecans are not an allergy for you.


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This is a new article and short video by Registered Dietician Jayson Hunter about the excess of Omega-6 fats that most people consume and health dangers...

Omega-6 fats and inflammatory diseases

I'll be back soon with more Lean-Body Secrets Ezines.

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