The Triple M Method of Fat Loss

I have a REALLY good article for you today from my buddy Dr. K about the "Triple-M Method of Fat Loss".  Make sure to read about the 3M's that he talks about in the article.  It's very important.

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here's today's article by Dr K:

The Triple-M Method For Fat Loss

by Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri, CSCS, HFS
Neuro Metabolic Fat Loss Expert

I dare you.  I double dare you.

There are two competing theories for getting six pack abs and a really lean body.  These are:

1) Workout HARD and diet all the time

2) Workout SMART and eat great food

As you might have guessed, I prefer #2.  There’s a reason why it works better too.  It’s all about choosing the right exercises and the right foods for smart-body success.

By choosing exercises that produce an ‘after-burn effect,’ or EPOC (Exercise Post-Oxygen Consumption), you are essentially choosing the smarter path.  There are 3 main principles that govern what I teach - I like to refer to this as my 3M Method For Rapid Fat Loss:

Multi-Planar Movement + Movement Complexes + Muscle Balancing

Multi-Planar Movement (3D Movement):

Most people exercise in one plane or direction of movement, sometimes two.  For example, people often do pull ups, bicep curls, squats, lunges, etc.  These are all movements that are in the forward/backward plane of movement.  They do not move side to side or with rotation.

Without focusing on workouts that incorporate 3D Movement, it’s impossible not to build muscular imbalances, and your body will see this as artificial.  It will protect you from potential harm, and it will NOT respond by activating more muscles in daily life.  Without this it ultimately becomes more difficult to move towards a leaner body.

Movement Complexes:

Basically, it’s important that you link many exercises together without a rest break.  In doing so, you’re allowing your anaerobic system to become fatigued, while also simultaneously gaining an aerobic effect from your exercise program.  I recommend the following arrangement, all without resting the weight you’re using:

1.  Squat

2.  Push

3.  Lunge

4.  Pull

5.  Plank

The reason that I teach this method of movement complexes is because it alternates ‘pushing’ and ‘pulling’ muscles of both my upper and lower body while also exhausting my entire body before a rest break.  Finally, I always end with a ‘test’ on my core by doing some sort of crazy, super-advanced plank.  This basically tells my whether or not I have enough stability left to keep exercising, and it re-trains my nervous system to recruit centrally before the following Giant Set.

Muscle Balancing:

This is where things get really cool.  Did you know that Time Magazine consistently picks the best looking person in America by symmetry?  It’s true - human beings love symmetry, and your brain knows this.

Symmetry is important for proper nervous system communication from your brain to your muscles & joints.  It is important front to back, side to side, and top to bottom.  In other words, you can’t have a big torso and chicken legs, or your body will tell you to stop growing.  Likewise, you can’t have an enormous right biceps and mini left biceps.  Your brain will tell you to stop growing.

By muscle balancing, you are attempting to communicate with your nervous system and say "I’m ready for more strength."  Until you say so, it just won’t understand you.

Additionally, I like to incorporate Energy System Training.  By utilizing all 3 energy systems (ATP-PC, Anaerobic & Aerobic), you are stimulating a greater metabolic demand from your body with exercise.  This, in turn, results in greater caloric expenditure, and more effort from your body to replenish its energy source.  Each time your body works through this recovery phase, it continues to burn calories long after you leave the gym.

Basically, by working out with my Triple M Method For Rapid Fat Loss, you are going to work all 3 energy systems, automatically, and you are going to burn calories for days to come.  It’s such an amazing feeling the first time that you see these results.

But it’s an even better feeling when you realize that by applying these simple principles, you are actually going to get results faster and faster & faster.  It’s time to end the struggle with extreme dieting.  It’s time to conquer your body once and for all.  It’s time to overcome bad genes and work on a metabolic shift through proper exercise program design and implementation.

It’s time to arm YOU with my Triple-M Method For Rapid Fat Loss...

You ready for me?  Start here:


Thanks to Kareem for that great article!  Hope you enjoy his program.  Talk soon,

Mike Geary
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