Health Warning: chemicals that leach into your food and drinks

If you received my email a couple weeks ago about the chemical "BPA", then you learned about some of the harmful chemicals that can be leaching into your food and drinks from canned food and bottled drinks, and how to avoid them. 

Today, I have another chemical to tell you about below, in addition to BPA.

By the way, if you missed that BPA article, this is a MUST-READ, so please read below...

How BPA in canned foods and bottled drinks can increase abdominal fat, etc

New Health Warning:
In addition to the health issues related to BPA exposure, I just read a few articles on another chemical that we're being exposed to and how to avoid it.

The risk apparently comes from hot, fatty, or acidic liquids that you drink from styrofoam containers, which can leach small amounts of the chemical polystyrene (and the component, styrene) into your drink or food.

This also applies to food leftovers, sauces, oils, etc that are stored in styrofoam containers (which is typical from a leftover box from dining out) and/or reheated in those containers.

Styrene has been linked to cancer risk, neurotoxic symptoms, and more...

According to the Foundation for Achievements in Science and Education fact sheet, "long term exposure to small quantities of styrene can cause neurotoxic (fatigue, nervousness, difficulty sleeping), hematological (low platelet and hemoglobin values), cytogenetic (chromosomal and lymphatic abnormalities), and carcinogenic effects".

Doesn't sound like something we should be ingesting, does it. 

With that said, keep in mind that occasional use of styrofoam is probably not going to hurt you... remember that the human body can handle acute exposure to small amounts of chemicals... this happens everyday with various chemicals that you're exposed to.

However, the point is to try to avoid "chronic" exposure to some of these chemicals that we warn against... for example, it's probably not a good idea to use styrofoam cups every single day with hot liquids, or to use styrofoam containers several times per week for reheating leftovers from dining out.  Not a good idea.

But with that said, I wouldn't panic about occasional use of styrofoam, such as once a month.  The point is to avoid these chemicals as much as possible to limit your exposure.  The same goes for the BPA that we talked about in that article.

Fwd this email to your friends and family to help protect their health too!

**Awesome new protein bars I found:
I recently came across some awesome new protein bars that I really like... no junk, no soy protein, no HFCS, no sugar alcohols, etc.

Plus they taste great!

They're called Boku SuperFood Bars (you'll see them listed on that page)

Here's why I think these bars are almost perfect nutrition-wise:

    * 15 grams of quality protein (from raw sprouted brown rice protein... and some from the almond butter too)
    * a whopping 11 grams of fiber out of 30 grams of total carbs!  (that's a 37% ratio of fiber content... pefect for blood sugar stability)
    * there's 13 grams of healthy fats (mostly from the almond butter and almonds)
    * these bars also have some sprouted quinoa, and celtic sea salt (but are still low sodium)
    * and best of all, they contain loads of superfoods from the Boku Superfood blend of greens, maca, goji berries, antioxidant-rich mushrooms, probiotics, enzymes, and more

I'd also highly recommend trying their Boku SuperProtein, which you'll also see listed if you go to this page.

One thing that surprised me was that this Super-Protein has 77% DV of calcium (naturally-occuring), 59% DV of vitamin C, and 18% DV of vitamin A... all naturally-occuring due to the sprouted brown rice (which the sprouting produces more of these nutrients compared to plain brown rice).

Plus, you get all of these micro-nutrients without all of the starchy carbs that you get from brown rice... this Super-Protein has 26 gms of highly bioavailable protein per serving and only 3 gms of total carbs, along with 1 gm of fiber.  There's just a small amount of natural organic maple syrup in this Super-Protein too which adds a nice sweetness while still being very low in sugar.

What I've started to do when I make my smoothies now is mix this Super-Protein half and half with my typical raw grass-fed whey that I use too.  This actually makes a really tasty mixture!

You can try out this Boku SuperProtein and the Boku Bars at the site here (both items listed on this page)

Enjoy...  They are delicious, and superior nutrition!

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Mike Geary
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