Drink with 76 Lean-Body Ingredients and super antioxidants

I was on a business trip a couple months ago with my good friend Dr. Kareem (my favorite metabolic abs expert), and his wife Karen, and I noticed an interesting green "liquid concoction" that Dr K was drinking every morning.

This green stuff looked disgusting!
Despite the "swamp water" look, Dr K was chugging this green stuff down and proclaiming how delicious it was.  I wasn't convinced.  But Dr K talked me into giving it a try, and I had to admit... this green concoction was pretty damn delicious!  I was sort of shocked.

So I immediately figured it HAD to be loaded with sugar and/or artificial sweetners to make a "greens drink" taste like that.  Wrong!  I looked at the ingredients... zero added sugars, nothing artificial at all... and contains 76 ingredients based on greens, fruits, veggies, enzymes, pre and probiotics, and more.

What Dr K had introduced me to was a new drink called Athletic Greens, which has recently been becoming more and more popular.

I had the chance recently to exchange emails with the owner of the company (through a couple mutual friends), and after I fired some questions his way about how this stuff is made and the quality of the ingredients, here was a portion of his reply to me... keep in mind that he's a Kiwi, as you'll see in some of his words:

"Hey mate,

We designed 
Athletic Greens to be the ultimate in nutritional insurance. By that I mean covering people's bases in terms of micronutrients daily. Our ingredients (76 of them) are 100% food sourced, freeze dried, with co-factors and enzymes intact for absorption for everything green. In the case of the minerals, they are the most bio-available and stable option in each instance.

Then we kept going... realizing that gut health is ultimately everything (it doesn't matter a whit if you don't absorb anything), and on top of that, absorption of those nutrients was imperative.  We kept adding things, with a few to making it the ultimate daily "all in one", there are a bunch of items to improve digestion quality, both pre and pro biotics, as well as some great digestive enzymes. there are some mild detoxifying agents such as dandelion root and milk thistle, plenty of immunity-boosting herbs and extracts, neural protection from a clinical grade PS and Pcholine, rosemary, and coQ10.

There are PLENTY of antioxidants in there, all whole food sourced again, and we capped the ORAC value at 5000 since that is where the research seems to show the best bang, (more than that is not necessarily better).

Then we put in the "greens" - our NZ sourced chlorella and spirulina are without compare, as are the bulk of our other green ingredients. We went light on grasses, and stuck to blue green algae and more potent green superfoods. The nutrient content of those ingredients is signifcant.

It is powder to avoid the heat treatment and pressure of tableting or encapsulation, because we absorb powders mixed in liquid up to 3x more efficiently than in capsule form, and because to get the equivalent of one dose of Athletic Greens in capsules you would be looking at around 12-18 capsules. No way!

Stack that with the fact that our ingredients are all-natural, organic where applicable, and 100% food sourced, we went with the best in class for everything... and you can see why -- despite the amount of stuff we have in there no one's urine changes colour, ie, it is all being absorbed."

Well, I'm sold!  Beyond the great taste, this is one of the best "superfood concoctions" I've seen anywhere...

Athletic Greens is full of RAW greens, antioxidants, herbs, enzymes, co-factors, medicinal mushrooms, vitamins, scarce nutrients, adaptogens, trace elements and minerals, pre and probiotics, and more.

What does Athletic Greens NOT contain?
AG contains absolutely no synthetic chemicals, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners of any kind, no GMO's, herbicides, or pesticides, no wheat, dairy, gluten, corn, lactose, sucrose, dextrose, egg, yeast, or peanuts (in case of any worry about allergies).

Check out the 76 lean-body ingredients in Athletic Greens

More energy, a leaner body, and elimination of deficiencies are awaiting you!

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer
Author - The Truth about Six Pack Abs 

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