4 Odd Workouts that burn off love handles and belly fat

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Okay, here's a Q and A between John and I where John gives some unique info on training to erase hormonal issues, love handles, bellyfat, and leg fat issues...

Mike: Looking through your Final Phase Fat Loss program, it's clear that you've got some really unusual, unique ideas about training...which I really like. Can you sum up your training philosophy or give a brief description of your methods?

Roman: I can try, but I'm not very good at "brief" to be honest! (laughs)

The main thing I stress is that people work hard and work smart. Either CAN be effective on its own, but together they're unstoppable.

My programs use a lot of the same elements as many trainers, but I like to change up training styles to make things more effective, especially when trying to fix slow fat loss, bust through fat loss plateaus, or when attempting to lose those last 10 - 15 pounds of stubborn body fat.

Mike: That leads me to my next question--what's your take on why most people seem to have the most trouble in losing the last 10 - 15 pounds of body fat?

Roman: Ah, that's the million dollar question. The most common mistake people make when getting that low is not switching gears. Whether you realize it or not, losing the last 10 - 15 pounds requires a MUCH different approach than the first 10 - 15.

First, let's look at things mathematically.

A theoretical example:  If I'm 200 pounds and 30% body fat, then I have 60 pounds of fat on my body. Losing 10 of it only represents 1/6th of my total body fat. That's hard, but it's doable.

If I'm 200 at 15% bodyfat, I have 30 pounds of fat on my body. Losing just 15 pounds is literally losing HALF of my total body fat. HALF.

If you think your body is going to react the same way to those two goals, you're crazy.

From a standpoint of absolutes, yes, 10 - 15 pounds of fat is 10 - 15 pounds of fat-however, your body doesn't work well with absolutes. Your body functions on principles of reaction. So from a relative perspective, it's just going to be an uphill battle.

All of the evolutionary history of the human race has prepared us to hold fat efficiently; and that's especially true with the last 10 - 15 pounds. So, do you really think you can follow the same training program?

Of course not!

You need a program that addresses the specific hormonal issues that occur when you're trying to overcome a plateau or get leaner than you've been before.

And Final Phase Fat Loss was designed specifically to address the issues of both.

The Final Phase Fat Loss 2.0 System

Mike: And with the Final Phase Fat Loss programs you have different styles of workouts to combat different hormones and problem areas?

Roman: Yes, as I mentioned earlier, I learned all about the beauty of combining vastly different training methods, and that very theory is the foundation of Final Phase Fat Loss.

Final Phase Fat Loss is a fully comprehensive fat loss protocol. It's 6 weeks of training, made up of 24 unique workouts - 6 workouts each drawn from 4 separate training modalities.

In FPFL specifically, we use these four methods. Some unusual, all highly effective:

a) dynamic training

b) lactic acid based training

c) density based training

d) heavy strength oriented training.

This not only challenges the body with frequently changing stimulus, but also allows for the strengths of certain methods to offset the weaknesses of others.

So, rather, than just being additive, the combination of the training styles is actually synergistically more effective.

And then of course there is the hormonal stuff that we attack.

Mike: You've mentioned the hormonal stuff, and THAT'S what everyone's talking about. Can you give us a break down?

Roman: Great question. The main thing to consider is how powerful your hormones are, and how they effect every aspect of your physiology-include whether you burn or store fat AND where you store it.

What we've found over the years is that people who store fat in their love handles and lower back are generally insulin resistant.

If you've got a lot of lower body fat, it's likely your estrogen levels are high (yes, this can even strike men too).

And the one so many people have a problem with: cortisol, which is correlated with belly fat.

Mike: In Final Phase Fat Loss, you talk about fighting hormones with hormones. So with each of the above...

Roman: There is a hormone to counteract the effects, yes. Before we get into that, let's go back to training for a second.

I don't have to tell you, but training has a hormonal response to it. And as I mentioned, we use multiple training styles in the FPFL system.

Well, each one of those training styles is also intentioned to combat a specific hormonal issue as it burns fat in general.

Dynamic training will produce IGF-1, which will combat insulin sensitivity and help you to lose love handle and lower back fat.

Density based training increases testosterone, which works against estrogen related fat storage in the lower body (and yes, this helps women too, not just men).

For cortisol and belly fat, we look to lactic acid training, which produces growth hormone --and GH not only combats cortisol, but is fantastic for overall fat loss.

Mike: Very interesting my Roman friend! So basically, all of the different styles are each great for fat loss, and they each also work with your body to combat hormonal issues and produce hormones that help burn fat from your trouble areas?

Roman: Exactly. On top of that, the simple act of rotating training modalities makes them all more effective. Essentially, you're burning fat in every way possible, with 4 different types of attacks.

Mike: Awesome. All around, who do you think FPFL is right for and what sort of person is it wrong for?

Roman:  Again, great question. Final Phase Fat Loss is GREAT for 4 types of people:

1) Anyone looking to blast off that last 10 - 15 pounds.

2) Anyone who's been losing fat but has hit a plateau, and wants to revive their progress.

3) Anyone who suffers from hormonal fat storage in the

   a) lower body,
   b) belly/stomach,
   c) love handles, or
   d) if you're a guy, the dreaded "manboobs"

4) Anyone who has been using other fat loss programs in the past and is looking for something more advanced. I have to say Final Phase Fat Loss really is the most advanced fat loss workout I've come across.

This program tends to change the entire game for many people!

This ISN'T for someone who's a total beginner or anyone who hasn't exercised in an extended period of time. There's just too much ass-kicking involved. People need to get their feet wet a bit beforehand.

Mike: Okay, last question. You're currently in the middle of the Final Phase Fat Loss 2.0 "Grand Opening" Special. I know that you're offering it at 52% off in honor of your high school football number; how much longer do people have to grab Final Phase Fat Loss 2.0 at the HUGE discount?

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Have fun with this program!  It's time to get the lean ripped body that you deserve!

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer
Author - The Truth about Six Pack Abs

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