A 5-minute workout with more results than a 50-minute workout?

I just finished a great interview with Dr. Kareem and I wanted to mail this out to you right away. In this rather shocking interview below, we talked about some pretty cool stuff such as...

* How to create more results out of 5 minutes exercising than most people do in 50

* The hidden way to shape muscle that is pretty much ignored and makes a BIG difference

* The "Triple M Method" For Rapid Fat Loss

I know you're really going to enjoy this - there's some great info in this interview below... Also don't forget to take advantage of Kareem's special 66%-OFF discount before it expires friday:

now for the interview...


Mike: Hey Doc. Welcome. I wanted to interview you for my subscribers, because I knew you had some pretty incredible fat loss information to share with them, and I thought they should hear it straight from the horse's mouth. With the release of Double Edged Fat Loss 2.0, there’s been a lot of buzz about this 'neuro fat loss' stuff. Can you explain to everyone what exactly is 'Neuro Fat Loss' and why does it work so well?

Dr. K: Sure, Mike. Thanks for having me. I'm looking forward to sharing some incredible information with everyone today that concerns losing fat exponentially faster over time.... let me explain... The first time that someone trains their nervous system to be primed for fat loss, they may increase muscle signal efficiency from 30% to 50%, for example. However, they are still operating at 50% of their true muscular potential with every exercise.

The next time that they train for fat loss, they may increase this number all the way to 70% or 80%, thereby involving more muscle fibers in every repetition of every exercise they do. This catapults your results, because you can progressively lift more weight and involve more muscle in less time. Essentially, 'neuro fat loss' is a short-cut to fat loss.

Mike: Now this is where it gets really interesting for me. I've heard you say that you see people get results in 5 minutes per day... how can this be?

Dr. K: In complete fairness, that's really only going to work for a few weeks as you straighten up posture, balance out muscles, and build a bit of muscular endurance in areas that were missing it. However, my clients continuously lose up to 5-6 pounds in the first week using a very simple method I've come to term the Body Transformation Mini Circuit.

This restores posture and balances out muscles that keep you from losing fat. After that, a truly solid fat loss workout plan may take up to 15-20 minutes to overload your muscles and create the level of afterburn effect we’re looking for... you know the thing that makes you lose fat while you sleep?

Mike: Yeah, afterburn is everything in a fat loss program. A lot of people think it's about how many calories you burn while you're in the gym, but it's actually about how many calories your body burns for you after you leave the gym that matters...

Dr. K: Precisely!

I recommend combining HIIT (high intensity interval training) for about 15-20 minutes with the Triple M Method For Rapid Fat Loss, which I'll explain in a minute. When you do this, and you train all 3 Energy Systems in your body, you're signaling to your body that you’re ready to melt fat in the fastest way possible.

Let's take a step back...

Your body has many systems, right?

And it wants them to work together and function well, right?

So, with that in mind, we shouldn't ever just be exercising with a focus on one system. For example, if we are putting ourselves in folded up positions and staying there for some time while choosing an upper body exercise, for example, we are reducing equal circulation to all areas of our lower body. Our body thinks that we moving into fetal position, out of fear or risk, and it slows down our metabolic rate.

That’s why we have to choose functional exercises that put our bodies in very natural positions. Another example would be if we are sick. If we stress our body to maximal exertion with our musculoskeletal system, it breaks down our immune system further to tell us to stop doing that and play catch up on the immune side. On the other hand, if we have a lower functioning immune system (say 40%) and we reduce our exercise intensity to 40% max, now we're speaking the same language.

Tomorrow, we'd simply observe if we are feeling a bit better and then match the same intensity. If I'm 60% of my best, I exercise at 60% max intensity for the day. You get the idea....

This is the exact principle that I founded the Triple M Method For Rapid Fat Loss on, but before I get to that, any questions about what we just covered?

Mike: All good. Your 5 minute circuits communicate with your body by balancing out smaller muscles that go untrained. This makes your brain understand you're ready for more muscle in those areas and your metabolism goes up.

When you're sick or some other system in your body is working at a lower efficiency, you're matching that to your exercise program. This is helping your body recover faster and get results more quickly. That makes a lot of sense.

You mentioned the Triple M System. Mind explaining what this is and how it can help people right now?

Dr. K: Great! Ok, let's talk about it...

Here are the benefits of training with the Triple M System for Rapid Fat Loss:

1. Muscle Shaping - Getting sexy arms, legs, and abs is a heck of a lot easier when you can increase the metabolic potential in any area of your body. Your body is made up of many metabolisms (there is a 'local metabolism' at every joint), which adds up to form your whole-body, or 'global metabolism'. By activating more of every area, you raise your metabolism in each area and as a whole. This helps shed fat and tone muscles into more desirable shape.

2. Muscle Balancing - This is one of the M's that comprise my 'Triple M System For Rapid Fat Loss' - I'll talk more about this in a sec...

3. Faster Fat Loss Forever - basically, once you have your body working on autopilot, you can expect more results from every workout, indefinitely.

4. More Muscle - once you spend 30-45 days training this way, if you decide to modify your program and build muscle, you can easily do that and expect to see more dramatic results by 2-3 fold.

5. Less Bloating And Gas - This has to do with the interaction between your 'Parasympathetic' (or "rest and digest") nervous system vs your 'Sympathetic' (or "fight or flight") nervous system. Most people don't train all 3 energy systems when they work out, which in turn doesn’t allow enough endorphin release to cause your parasympathetic nervous system to take over after a workout. We live in a hyper-stimulated environment between work, home, school, or what have you... even down to fluorescent lights. Your body sees this as stress.

6. Stress Reduction - Your nerves are your tension. Your tension is a result of your nerves. Once you can control this signal, you can relax your body and feel less stress, which leads to better sleep, more patience, and higher productivity at work.

There are a lot more benefits, but that's plenty to get started.

I mentioned that I'd tell exactly what the Triple M System is, and why it's brought so much interest into the Double Edged Fat Loss system and caused so many fitness pro's to start adopting its principles. This stands for:

1. Muscle Balancing - balancing muscles around your body (for example: pecs to lats or bi's to tri's) improves posture and helps activate more muscle. Slight muscular imbalances cause pain signals to go off in your joints, and this leads to less muscle contraction, as your brain is telling your muscle “No more - You might hurt me!” This also helps prevent injury when you are balanced, naturally.

2. Movement Complexes - stacking exercises creates more work in less time, which equals more calories burned and faster fat loss results. Using principles of supersets, giant sets, and 2-5 exercises built into one, you can really speed up your progress. I find that it only really takes about 15 minutes of working out after intervals to get the “ideal” fat loss effect.

3. Multi-Planar Movement - 3D exercise. We live in a 3D world, we need to train in a 3D way. It's time that we stop doing 'gym exercises' and start working out in the most functional of ways, using different angles, different muscle actions, and combination muscle groups. There is a higher metabolic demand on our bodies when we train this way, and there is a higher functional carryover. It's a win-win.

Mike: Good stuff doc! I can really see why this is so effective... but what kinds of results are people getting with this method?

Dr. K: I'm really glad you asked this, Mike. As with all programs, results can vary greatly, but here are a few examples of results that I've seen so far:

* Me - I lost 7.5% bodyfat in 23 days (15 pounds of scale weight) using this method

* In-person clients - most lose 4-6 pounds in the first week using the DEFL method, whether with me or with one of my Master Trainers on board at my facility

* Online clients - This is the hardest to determine average, as you might imagine, but there are plenty of success stories. I just received a very warm email from a client of mine yesterday who set a new record for results with DEFL. Naturally, this is not every single person, but I think you'll get an idea of how powerful it is. She lost 85 pounds in less than 4 months without any dietary change whatsoever. Crazy!

Does this help?

Mike: Wow, 85 pounds without even seeing you in person, huh? Did she lose most of that weight in the first month?

Dr. K: Actually, no. Her record weight loss was in the last month. As I said, fat loss gets faster and faster when you adopt these principles.

Mike: Where can people learn more about this and how can they get their hands on your program while it's still on sale?

Dr. K: Sure thing. All you have to do is actually go to this website:  ...and check out the pretty amazing offer I put together for you. Essentially, I've taken away the monthly fee thing with a membership website, and I'm just giving everyone access for life. I want this to be a lifetime health and fitness resource for you, so that's the way I've designed it.

I've included my top 8 fat loss workouts of all time (televised on NBC), 13 educational modules where I teach you how to build your own workouts and become independent, audios on goal setting, mindset training, and dieting, a nutrition section with some of the world’s best nutritional experts, such as yourself. I've even included Assess & Correct workshops where I teach you how to self-assess your muscular imbalances and postural abnormalities and then what to do about them.

Essentially, this is a culmination of everything I've ever learned about fitness and fat loss, but in lay-person terms.

Mike: Great, well, I'm going to first thank you for joining us... and then remind everyone to go to this link and check out the Body Transformation Mini Circuit (freee download) as well as the special offer that Dr. K has put together for you:

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