Awesome Outdoor Workout

Wow, what a great day of the "fitness lifestyle" that I had today!

First, I had an awesome hike to some beautiful waterfalls with my girlfriend earlier in the day. The hike was nice and steep but not overly long (about an hour and a half total), and the waterfalls were spectacular... gotta love the beautiful Colorado mountains!

Then after I came home from the hike I whipped up one of my "Super-Human Smoothies" that I told you about recently.

Maybe it's half in my head (placebo effect), because I actually consciously think about how incredibly healthy this smoothie is, but I swear I had the biggest surge of energy about 1-2 hours after downing this smoothie. Placebo or not, my energy was through the roof!

I had so much energy (even though we did the hike earlier in the day), that I went out to the local soccer field early in the evening and did a crazy combination workout that involved half kettlebell training, combined with some of those super-unique bodyweight exercises from the TacFit Commando workouts.

I have to say that the TacFit exercises are definitely some of the most unique bodyweight exercises I've been exposed to. Anyway, my workout absolutely rocked, and I put in some crazy intensity!

Although I love the format and progressions of the TacFit workouts, I basically "freestyled" this workout since I was combining it with kettlebell drills too.

Here's what I did in a circuit fashion:

* kettlebell 1-arm snatches with one 70-pounder
* Sit-Thru knee from TacFit
* kettlebell 2-arm high pulls with two 70-pounders
* Sit-Thru reach from TacFit
* kettlebell 2-arm snatches with two 53-pounders
* Tripod Overhead from TacFit
* kettlebell 2-arm Clean & Presses with two 70-pounders
* Tripod Twist from TacFit
* Plank Push Squat from TacFit
* 80-yard wind sprint to finish the circuit

I didn't time things exactly between exercises, but just took enough rest time to basically get my breathing under control before moving to the next exercise in the circuit (generally about 20-30 seconds). I repeated the circuit about 3 times I think for the whole workout.

Wow, that was one KILLER workout! The combination of the TacFit exercises and the kettlebell exercises was one of the best workouts I've had in a long time.

While I was on my 2-week roadtrip the last couple weeks, I didn't have access to any gyms, so I was keeping in shape with the TacFit Commando workouts, which I have to admit, challenged me a good bit, despite being bodyweight-only workouts. I have to give big props to Scott and the boys for coming up with that program...great stuff!

Well, that's about it for today... if this email gives you some ideas for challenging yourself with new styles of workouts, go for it!

One last announcement for today:

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Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer

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