A Healthier Coffee Creamer Alternative and My Roadtrip Workouts

I'm currently on an amazing roadtrip with some family and my girlfriend through northern colorado, wyoming, idaho, and montana. This is one of the most beautiful areas of the country and we've just been soaking up all of the spectacular scenery. We'll be seeing both Glacier National Park and Yellowstone on this trip, so can't wait for that!

I wanted to try to maintain some sort of workouts on this roadtrip, so I've been trying to do some of the crazy TacFit Commando bodyweight workouts.

Wow... some of these exercises are insane!

I was working a lot earlier today on the "sit-thru knee" and the "sit-thru reach" exercises and they are awesome! I literally felt almost every muscle in my body working, and I've never felt such good work for my lats, triceps, and abs combined all in 1 bodyweight exercise.

Good stuff!

Also, I worked on the "tripod overhead" and "tripod twist" exercises and these are unlike any other bodyweight exercises I've ever done... it's pretty crazy how hard these work almost every muscle in your body... and this coming from a guy that generally sees bodyweight exercises as inferior to weight training, kettlebell training, etc.

If you haven't tried out the TacFit Commando workouts yet, give them a try for sure! This is the most unique program I've seen in several years, and I review almost every new workout program that comes out. You can grab it here:

A Healthier Coffee Creamer Alternative

Another thing that's come up on this roadtrip was trying to find a healthy alternative to typical powdered coffee creamers or those little processed individual liquid coffee creamers, which usually contain high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, and other crappy "non-food" additives and chemicals.

While I usually don't drink coffee at home and I prefer teas of all different types, I do like to drink coffee while's sort a treat for me since I don't drink it at home.

But instead of loading up the coffee with lots of sugars and chemical-laden artificial creamers, what we've been doing at the cabin we're staying at is using a can of coconut milk as our coffee creamer and using stevia for the sweetener.

The coconut milk is a healthier alternative because of the healthy fats, specifically the medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) it contains, which support your immune system and are a type of fat calories that are readily used for energy.

Although my family thought it was a little unusual to use the coconut cream/milk as a coffee creamer, after they tasted it, everybody really liked it.

If you're a coffee drinker and you've been hooked on all of those artificial chemical-laden coffee creamer powders or liquids, give coconut milk a try for a much healthier alternative!

Make sure to shake up the can of coconut milk before opening it, as some of the water can separate from the coconut cream. Also, if room temperature is below the mid-70's F, the coconut cream will harden a little, but putting the whole can in a bowl of warm water before opening it, and then shaking it will mix the cream back up.


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I'll update you soon on my roadtrip adventures and the progress of my TacFit Commando Workouts. Talk to you soon,

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer