A light bulb that helps to burn fat?


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In the meantime, Jeff sent me...

...a "BONUS SNEAKY TIP" for you:

by Jeff Anderson

Ok, this is going to sound strange but...

...did you realize that a LIGHT BULB that can actually help you
burn more fat?

It's "Trick #100" in the Do This Burn Fat program and here's what it

Scientists have found a direct link between sunlight exposure and
muscle-building, fat-burning hormone production.

In fact, direct exposure to the sun resulted in a whopping 65%
increase in the body's hormones that make you a "fat-burning

Problem is, you need about 1 hour of direct sunlight to get
that effect.

For people who work inside all day, that's a huge challenge

Well, here's the answer...

Go down to your local hardware store and pick up a 120 watt "full
spectrum" light bulb.

The light emitted from these bulbs very closely mimics the sun's
rays and has been shown to provide the SAME GREAT BENEFITS as
getting direct sunlight exposure.

As an added bonus, the light bulb ALSO works at boosting mood and
gives you a "feel good" euphoria throughout the day.

Test it out yourself and you'll be AMAZED at the difference!


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