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Before I get to today's article, let me tell you about my butt kicking workout today.

As you may know, I'm a die hard skier in the winter, and we got almost 2 FEET of fresh powder today in Colorado... a powder day to me is like a day at an amusement park for a kid.

If you don't ski, you may not understand the natural high that comes to us skiers on a powder day...

It's almost a euphoric feeling to be floating around on the powder all day long...and you hear nothing but whoops, yells, and "woo-hoo's" of sheer joy all around you...

but it's also an incredible workout. Each run is like a 10 minute high intensity "mini" interval training workout... followed by a 15 minute rest up the lifts, and repeated all day long.

If I got in 15 runs today, that's like 15 mini interval training workouts spread throughout the day! Now you know why overweight skiers basically don't exist (at least the skiers that are good, and do it frequently).

Just another example of getting your exercise with something fun that you enjoy. For me, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and lifting weights are all part of my lifestyle. Find what you enjoy, and you've found lifelong fitness.

If you're a skier and want rock hard legs that last all day long on your next ski trip, make sure to use my new training program:

Or even if you're not a skier, and just want some crazy effective leg workouts!

Today's workout article:

Here's more great ideas to kick up your workouts a notch in 2009. Also, to really give you the motivation you need to succeed long term, consider joining the transformation contest mentioned in the article.

Be back soon with more lean-body recipes, workout tips, and more.
Til next ezine,
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