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Ideas for Adding Some Fitness to Your Holiday Shopping

The holiday shopping season is here now, and why not consider giving some fitness related gifts to friends and family?

I know I did about half of my holiday shopping on Amazon (so convenient), so if you're going to be there anyway, here are some great products that I recommend adding to your cart:

1. The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth, by Dr Jonny Bowden (I love this one... highly recommended, and great gift too)
at Amazon >>

2. Nourishing Traditions, by Sallon Fallon (the first 90 pgs or so of this book is probably the best nutrition overview I've ever read... the rest is mostly recipes, some of them pretty unique)
at Amazon >>

3. The Cheat to Lose Diet, by Joel Marion (I met Joel recently and he's a great guy with a great book here... this is similar to the method that I recommend of "strategic cheat days")
at Amazon >>

4. The New Rules of Lifting, by Alwyn Cosgrove and Lou Schuler (Alwyn is one of the guys in the fitness industry that I've always respected highly)
at Amazon >>

Another Holiday gift idea:

If you know anybody that's been suffering from back pain, one of my colleagues has a great DVD program that could be a good gift for them:


Happy shopping!

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