7 Hot Fat Burning Trends this Year

Just got back from the gym... did a killer workout mixing in high intensity jump roping (super-fast skipping) in between sets of various full body weight training exercises. What a workout! It felt great.

I don't understand how anybody doesn't enjoy working out... it just makes you feel so good.

Well, it's officially the busiest week of the year in gyms... everybody has made their resolutions (and most will fail, because they don't set firm GOALS, with a real time frame)... and the gyms are packed to the gills with every single cardio machine being crowded.

As I've talked about many times before, I think traditional cardio is the most overrated type of workout anyone can do. There are definitely more effective ways to lose fat faster and change your metabolism more permanently.

Here's an article below to help give you some ideas to kick up your fitness a notch this year...

The 7 hottest fat loss workout trends this year (Part 1)

I'll be back with part 2 tomorrow.

Have a great day!

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer
Founder - TruthAboutAbs.com & BusyManFitness.com

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