A powerful fat loss technique you need to know...

Happy New Year! I hope you have the healthiest and happiest year yet in 2009.

In today's ezine, I'm going to show you an extremely powerful technique that can help you break through your barriers and lose more body fat than you thought was possible.

Between working as a personal trainer and nutrition counselor for almost a decade, and authoring my best selling fitness book, Truth About Abs, over 200,000 people have used my fitness programs. However, does every single person get results? Some get great results, some don't get any results... Only those that actually TAKE ACTION on the advice get results.

It doesn’t matter how well my fat loss techniques work... If you don’t follow them, you WON'T lose fat.

For my clients who have trouble sticking with a program, I give them a technique that has nothing to do with nutrition or exercise. It’s something called medical hypnosis.

As I've said a thousand times before, your fitness all starts in your mind... and that's where medical hypnosis can help to make it automatic for you to take the right types of action that create long term results.

Now before you start thinking, “Why on earth is Mike recommending hypnosis...” I want to clear up a common misconception. Medical hypnosis has NOTHING to do with staring at the pendulum-like swing of a gold pocket watch or falling into a suggestive trance. Don't worry, you won't hear any crap about "you're getting very sleepy".

Medical hypnosis is a proven technique endorsed by the American Medical Association and the British Medical Association. What’s more, it works. I’ve seen people use medical hypnosis to get focused on their diet and follow it with almost no effort at all.

Instead of fighting and resisting your diet, you’ll feel good about what you’re doing and stick with your program without even thinking about it.

If you’re skeptical, I understand. Many people are when they first hear about this. But I wouldn’t waste your time (or mine) with something that doesn’t work.

I’ve read many of the studies on medical hypnosis for wt loss and the results speak for themselves. In one, researchers split people following a diet into two groups. One used medical hypnosis, the other didn’t. The group who used medical hypnosis lost an average of 17 pounds. The group that didn’t lost an average of only 0.5 pounds.

That’s not surprising... Being committed to the program you’re following makes all the difference – especially over the long term. A study from the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology shows medical hypnosis does just that: Improves your results over the long term.

Their study found adding hypnosis increased wt loss by an average of 97% during treatment. More importantly, medical hypnosis increased effectiveness AFTER treatment by over 146%.
Clearly, this technique is even more effective over time. And as you know, long-term commitment to any fitness program is the key to lasting fat loss.

The best medical hypnosis program was designed by America’s lea
ding expert in the field, Dr. Roberta Temes. In fact, she “wrote the book” on the subject. She’s the editor of the first hypnosis textbook used in medical schools, Medical Hypnosis. (Psychiatrists in training are learning her techniques for medical hypnosis!)

Dr. Temes is also on the faculty of the Psychiatry Department in the Medical School of the SUNY Health Science Center. She’s also involved with research on the behavioral factors involved with long-term weight loss.

Best of all, her program takes only 20 minutes per day and, simply by listening to relaxing CDs, may help you automatically follow your fitness program and regain your health.
This may not work for everyone, but it is something you should consider if your previous attempts have been unsuccessful because you've resorted to previous BAD HABITS.

Here are some of the experiences you may uncover if you go through Dr. Temes seven session program:
  • Cravings can be reduced instantaneously, allowing you to stop binging before you start
  • New neural pathways will be created that empower you to replace unhealthy eating habits with healthy ones
  • Experience effortless motivation without relying on willpower
  • Your desire for sodas will be eliminated and replaced with a craving for WATER!
  • Pounds will melt away as you automatically eat the right foods and right portions, while making exercise a part of your every day routine.

Keeping an open mind allows you to grow in spirit and successfully overcome challenges that may have been haunting you your whole life.

By special arrangement, Dr. Temes is offering you an exclusive discount on her medical hypnosis for weight loss program. To find out how it can help you drop fat and keep it off, just click the link below...

Follow this and you should have your best body yet this year!
Til next newsletter,
Don't be lean.

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer
Founder - &

P.S. Here are some good representations of the power of this weight loss program:

"I have used the program for just 10 days and have lost 6 lbs. What is most amazing after all my failed attempts at weight loss is the ease of sticking with my program since using the CD's! For the first time in my adult life I feel like I am in control of my response to food, and believe I am incorporating all those healthy eating habits that have eluded me in the past. It feels wonderful to go through the day without obsessing over food, and feeling fulfilled rather than deprived. I can definitely see these as lifetime, lifestyle changes. Thank you for the wonderful tool!"
Angela RobertsSomerville, New Jersey

"I am now down 20 pounds and still have not had any problems with stress eating (my lifetime habit is to overeat). I am also walking close to 5,000 steps per day now (a little over 2.5 miles) and into a size 16 from a 20/22 and people are finally beginning to notice. I personally thank you for your program even though I don't understand how it works. I am starting to like who I see in the mirror."

Syndi Ellison
Advertising & Finance Manager
Washington State Magazine

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