Foods that help you burn fat (5-step test)

Today's article is contributed by our friend Dr Kareem...

Eat fat, lose weight. (The 5-step test)

Nutrient density is remarkably more important than counting calories.

Take a moment to think about this thoroughly -- your body requires
 energy to survive, and certain foods are made up of macronutrient 
classes that provide you with sustained energy -- when you eat the 
‘right’ foods with the right micronutrients and macronutrient profile, hormones balance and your body stops telling you that you’re hungry.  

Foods that are high in fat and easily digested, when paired with a 
relatively high-protein diet, are my newest and best discovery in 
fat loss.  I love to eat foods that taste delicious (and fatty foods 
generally taste great, since fat carries the flavor,) keep me energetic, 
and help me look great.  I recommend you do the following:
  1. List out all of your favorite foods that are high in fat.
  Mike's note: Here's a few ideas....avocados, aged cheeses, egg yolks, grass-fed butter, nuts, cream, olive oil, olives, dark chocolate, coconut cream/milk, etc.

  2. On your personal list, if you had any "bad" foods, cross out any foods that create inflammation, or modify the ingredients to prevent this from happening (i.e. foods with trans fats, high sugars, preservatives, or gluten)

  3. Figure out a solid protein source you can pair with this food and eat first.

  4. Eliminate any unnecessary carbs from the meal that will make your energy level crash within 15-20 minutes of eating (i.e. simple sugars, large portions of starches, etc.)

  5. Test this as your fist meal of the day, so you can get a real ‘feel’ for how it’s reacting in your body (even if it feels weird to eat this food in the early morning -- the morning is the best time to see how a food really ‘reacts’ in your body, since you haven’t clouded the result with other foods/beverages you consumed earlier in the day.)
Learn how your body reacts to food and fat loss becomes simple -- follow these steps:

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