Cold or Flu? 5 things you NEED to know

First, the flu (aka. influenza) is a virus - not
a bacteria. So if your doctor gives you
antibiotics for the flu (I don't know why they
would, but they do sometimes), then you can
intelligently pass on that.

As you may have heard, unnecessary antibiotics
damages your gut flora balance and can allow harmful
bacteria to take hold causing all sorts of health
problems after you're done with the antibiotics.

Second, since the flu is NOT a bacterial problem,
we should NOT be overusing anti-bacterial
products. Doing so only exacerbates possible
bacterial problems down the road as these little
critters can quickly adapt to our excessively
clean environments.

These harder-to-kill "super bugs" are now sadly
apparent thanks to the over-prescription of
antibiotics and other measures of excessive

Third, the influenza virus is with us 365 days a year
but flu season peaks in February in the northern
hemisphere and August in the southern hemisphere.

Interestingly, this is also when we get the least
amount of sunlight (and thus vitamin D) in each
respective location.

Vitamin D is so important in this regard that
most experts believe that flu outbreaks are
CAUSED by a lack of the "sunshine vitamin".

Fourth, if the "germ theory" of disease was
correct, then every single person exposed to the
flu virus would get sick. Obviously, this is not
the case since we're all exposed to it, but only
some actually get sick.


Because what's happening inside your body is more
important than what's happening outside of it. A
clean and healthy internal environment is
inhospitable to viruses and other pathogens.
That's where proper nutrition comes into play.

I personally haven't had the flu in 15 years, and haven't
even had more than a sniffle of a cold in that time frame
too.  Nutrition really can control your outcome!

Fifth, did you know that kids raised with pets (especially
dogs) have been shown to have stronger immune
systems and are more resilient to infections like
the flu... it's true!

This makes sense since dogs acquire all kinds of
micro-organisms while playing outside. Once
exposed to these "natural critters" (by coming
into contact with the dogs) at a very young age,
the child immune's system is able to recognize
the micro-organisms and adapt accordingly.

Lastly, there are simple remedies you can use to
prevent and fight the flu.  EIGHT of the most of
powerful remedies are fully disclosed in a NEW
Flu Fighters report by well-respected holistic
nutritionist Yuri Elkaim.

In this 41-page report, you'll discover:

* The 8 most powerful "flu-fighters" that rev up
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* The MOST important flu-fighting nutrient that
MUST be in your pantry and exactly how much of it
you should take (and it's not what most
authorities are telling you)

* The tasty ingredient that you can add to your
favorite meals for enhanced flavor and health

* The BEST (and surprising) food sources of this
miracle vitamin.

And more!

You owe it to yourself and to your family to be
equipped with this knowledge so you can avoid
becoming another "flu" statistic.

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Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer