Do you have a damaged metabolism?

I've got 2 new and important articles for you today about your metabolism.

In the first article today, my colleague Tom Venuto (I highly respect Tom's fitness and nutrition expertise) explores the very REAL science behind what's been termed "metabolic damage". 

He talks about what causes "metabolic damage".  And he also shows 7 strategies to essentially "repair" that metabolic damage.

Do you have "metabolic damage"? <-- great article + 7 strategies to fix your damaged metabolism

Metabolism Article #2:

This article explores whether our metabolisms actually "slow down" as we get older.  As you'll see, it doesn't have to happen!  And what foods can we eat that actually ramp-up your metabolism?  Read on and see...

A "slow metabolism" and foods that ramp-up your metabolic rate

Have fun revving up your metabolism! 

Mike Geary
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