The type of Fish Oil to NEVER take

As you know, fish oil is one of the healthiest and most powerful supplements that you can take for your health...
but I just got done reading a new report that shows testing results from some major brands of fish oils out there that showed shocking levels of contaminants and also rancid oils, which could be more harmful than beneficial.
The report is available for FREE below:
Shocking report shows the type of fish oil to NEVER take

 Inside this report, you'll also learn:
  • How some fish oils may be elevating levels of oxidative stress in your body and increasing your risk for advanced aging and disease! 
  • A fish oil related neurotoxin which can cause irreversible brain damage 
  • The disturbing truth about the fish finding their way into YOUR supplements (we bet you didn't realize this)
  • How to detect and avoid rancid fish oil containing incredibly dangerous lipid peroxides 
  • The mega-powerful carotenoid found in the best sources of essential fatty acids - but probably not YOUR bottle of fish oil!
  • The real environmental impact fish harvesting is having on eco-systems

Grab the new FREE report here:

 This report is a must-read if you take fish oil. Please don't think this is all bad news. The report shows how powerful fish oil and krill oil can be for your health, but shows you exactly what to look for so you don't choose one of the brands that failed testing.
Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer

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