A delicious new healthy low-sugar chocolate truffle

I just found a new healthy low-sugar chocolate "truffle" at Whole Foods the other day. Wow, delicious! And surprisingly healthy too as it contains a good amount of healthy fats, antioxidants and VERY LOW in sugar.

Even if you don't have a Whole Foods near you, you might even be able to make these at home as I'll show below.

And more exciting... these chocolate truffles are low carb and low sugar with absolutely ZERO sugar alcohols and ZERO artificial sweeteners!

They are simply called "Organic Chocolate Truffles" and I found them at Whole Foods, but I've seen almost identical types at other health food stores, and I think Trader Joes as well.

I found that eating just 1 truffle satisfies my sweet tooth after a meal, and only has 55 calories, which is pretty low if you absolutely have to have dessert after a meal.

Each chocolate truffle contains:

55 calories
2.5 gms total carbs
5 gms total fat (all healthy fats)

...and 76% of the calories come from healthy fats (mostly from organic coconut oil which makes it oh so creamy and smooth)... the healthy fat content helps to eliminate further cravings and control appetite and hormone levels. Since there's only 2.5 gms of sugar in each truffle, this will have almost zero effect on blood sugar compared to a typical high sugar dessert.

The ingredients are all healthy (except for one) as seen below:
  • organic cocoa mass (rich in antioxidants and healthy fats)
  • organic coconut oil (healthy fats and immune boosting lauric acid)
  • organic sugar (the only non-healthy part of these, but only 2.5 gms of sugar, so pretty low)
  • organic cocoa butter (a reasonable source of healthy fats despite false rumors about this type of fat)
  • organic cocoa powder (more goodness)
If you were to try to make something similar to this at home, I would use real maple syrup as the sweetener instead of sugar. Or I would try stevia or a blend of stevia and a small amount of real maple syrup. And for the cocoa mass, just melt a baking chocolate bar that's 100% cocoa content.

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Last note for today:

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Enjoy those healthy chocolate treats and feel free to share this with friends and family!
Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer
Author:  The Truth About Six Pack Abs

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