Unusual "smoothie trick" to suppress appetite

You can thank Mens Health mag for this little factoid... I was reading a recent issue last week, and thought this was interesting, so thought I would pass it along...

According to MensHealth magazine, a Penn State study found that you can suppress your appetite more by whipping a smoothie to a thick froth. They found that more aerated shakes caused people to eat 12% less calories in their next meal compared to those that drank the less aerated shakes.

The scientists theorized that the larger appearance of a more whipped aerated shake made people think they were consuming more than they really were.

I would also speculate that a more aerated shake makes your stomach feel fuller and therefore helps to suppress the appetite.

I know this for a fact with myself, because I've accidentally let the blender run too long on a few smoothies, and ended up with an extremely whipped shake that really made me a lot more full than normal due to the extra volume from the air.

Speaking of healthy protein smoothies... if you remember a couple weeks ago, I told you about the new Boku SuperFood product that I had stumbled onto recently and started using myself.

This was one of the most complete greens supps I've ever found, because it's not only greens, but also superfruits, probiotics, flax, maca root, spirulina, chlorella, hawthorne, blue-green algae, enzymes, and even a mix of about 12 different superfood mushrooms, which contain very powerful antioxidants.

However, I didn't notice that they also had a Super-Protein made from raw sprouted brown rice, so I ordered that too just last week... this Super-Protein just arrived a few days ago, and I absolutely LOVE this!

One thing that surprised me was that this Super-Protein has 77% DV of calcium (naturally-occuring), 59% DV of vitamin C, and 18% DV of vitamin A... all naturally-occuring due to the sprouted brown rice (which the sprouting produces more of these nutrients compared to plain brown rice).

Plus, you get all of these micro-nutrients without all of the starchy carbs that you get from brown rice... this Super-Protein has 26 gms of highly bioavailable protein per serving and only 3 gms of total carbs, along with 1 gm of fiber. There's just a small amount of natural organic maple syrup in this Super-Protein too which adds a nice sweetness while still being very low in sugar.

What I've started to do when I make my smoothies now is mix this Super-Protein half and half with my typical raw grass-fed whey that I use too. This actually makes a really tasty mixture!

To find the Super-Protein at the Boku SuperFoods site, just look for the link on the right side of the page under "recommended products" that says Boku Super Protein.

You can also go to the "shop" link if you don't see the Super-Protein on the right side of the site.

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I'll be back in a couple days with more Lean-Body Secrets.

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