9 Advanced Fat Loss Tips

You've probably seen all of the buzz lately about Joel Marion's new 25-day rapid fat loss program -- which uses at least 9 fat loss tricks of manipulating nutrition and training methods.

Joel and I did a Q&A for you to help answer some more questions and give more details about the program. Check it out below:

Mike: There’s been a lot of buzz going around lately regarding your Xtreme Fat Loss Diet program, but can you give my readers a little more insight as to what the program entails?

Joel: Sure thing. The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is 25-day rapid fat loss program that I truly believe to be the most strategic, fastest fat loss program ever developed. Now, that sounds biased, and clearly is since I am the author, but the results people are experiencing don’t lie.

What we’ve done with the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is combine all the most effective diet and training strategies—-cutting edge stuff that most people have never heard of—and arranged them into a five day sequence (repeated 5 times) in which each method works hand in hand with the others to create a synergistic fat burning effect.

Mike: You’ve actually talked a lot about synergy with this program and how that’s really the key to why it works so well and so fast. Can you hit on that a bit more?

Joel: Absolutely. And I’ll use a quick analogy to explain. Let’s say you gather the 5 best basketball players in the WORLD and put them all on the same team. That team is going to be pretty darn good, huh?

But what if they were all out of position? The center was playing point guard, the point guard playing center, the shooting card fumbling around at power forward. All of a sudden that team isn’t very good at all.

You see, it’s not only important that you have the best methods, but even more important is that you have them in right position. When you do that, you get synergy—where the whole is greater than the sum of each individual part.

With the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet we’ve taken the absolute best fat loss techniques and arranged them in the most strategic sequence to ensure they all work together to bring out the best result—just like when the 5 best basketball players in the world all take the floor in the proper position—each one makes the others better, and together, with everything in the right place, the “team” becomes unstoppable.

Mike: I really like that analogy. Many people would look at the title of this program and say “this is just another empty, quick-fix fad”, but there’s actually a lot more to it than that.

Joel: Yes, this is the furthest thing from a crash diet that there ever is or ever will be. Those types of gimmicks and diet programs are simply unintelligent ways to lose a lot of water weight fast. Big deal—-losing water doesn’t change the way you look in the mirror. We’re talking about losing fat and keeping it off through SMART strategy.

Mike: Speaking of keeping it off...well first, how much can someone expect to lose over the course of the 25 day program?

Joel: We’ve had some people lose as much as 25 pounds in 25 days. It all depends on your current level of body fat. In fact, our good friend Vince Del Monte’s cousin just did exactly that while getting in shape for her wedding—AND, she didn’t even follow the program to the letter.

Of course, not everyone is going to be a 25 pound in 25 day case, but one thing is for sure, people are consistently getting faster results with this program than with any other program they’ve ever done—-and that’s not surprising, because it’s set up to do exactly that. It’s 25 intense days that positions everything in the right place at the most strategic time to yield the fastest possible fat loss in a very short time frame.

Mike: Very cool. Alright, let’s go back to the subject of keeping the weight off. I’m sure a lot of people are wondering “If I lose a lot of weight on this program, am I just going to gain it back?”

Joel: This is actually the beauty of the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet system--it’s the polar opposite of a crash diet in that it protects your metabolism over the course of the entire 25 days to make keeping the weight off EASY.

Why is it that people often gain back the weight they lose? Simple: dieting and long term calorie restriction DESTROY metabolism, so much so that the very moment you try to return to any sort of “normal” eating regimen the weight comes piling back on.

Through the strategic diet and exercise methods we use in the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet, you’re actually going to increase your metabolism and finish with a metabolic rate faster than when you first started, making it virtually impossible to put the weight back on (so long as you don’t start eating Double Cheeseburgers every day).

Mike: You also talk about how many people have been able to add lean muscle on this program, even when losing fat very rapidly –- is that right?

Joel: Yeah man, we’re breaking all kinds of new ground with this program. Bottom line, most people lose muscle as they diet and lose fat; it’s just kind of accepted that you’re going to sacrifice a few pounds of lean mass as you diet down, even if you do it at a moderate pace.

But again, think of that all-star basketball team and what’s possible when you have all the right pieces of the puzzle in the right places at the right time. You’re bound to see some things that you’ve never seen before.

With the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet, we use very specific strategy to take full advantage of every single day. For example, on Cheat Days we use high volume workouts to usher all those carbs and calories into something useful – maintaining and building new muscle.

Mike: Very interesting. I know I've played with high volume style workouts on cheat days when your muscles are full of muscle glycogen, and it is a lot of fun. So even though this is an “extreme” program, explain a little more about the use of cheat days.

Joel: First off, you know I’ll never create a diet program that doesn’t include Cheat Days, but believe it or not on this one you’re actually cheating every FIFTH day. Why? Because when using some of the other, more extreme methods (like fast days and depletion days) on the other diet days, it’s necessary that we “push the reset button” on our metabolisms a little more frequently to keep the fat melting off.

Fortunately, this also means you’re never more than a couple days away from indulging your cravings and that has increased adherence dramatically on this program. I mean, who can’t stick to a program where you get to eat whatever you want every 5th day while seeing rapid results in the mirror at the same time?

Mike: I can totally understand how a big plate of pasta and meatballs every fifth day could help motivate someone to stick with any diet.

If you're ready and motivated to get in crazy shape this summer, I'd recommend trying out Joel's new 25-day rapid fat loss program. Don't procrastinate...start today, and have a better body in 25 days:

Good luck!

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