Best Tips for Losing Stomach Fat

I'm getting ready for my adventure trip to beautiful Iceland and leaving in a few hours...

we're going to be diving between tectonic plates in the silfra ravine (with 300 feet visibility underwater!), ice climbing on frozen waterfalls, snowmobiling on a glacier, riding ATVs through glacial rivers and ancient lava fields, caving in one of the most active volcanic areas in the world, and off-roading in a "super-jeep" that is capable of driving through rivers... and of course, experiencing the dining and nightlife of Reykjavik.

should be an action packed week! I'll try to post some pics on the site next week.

As I was packing earlier, I turned on my TV just to listen to something in the background. It turned out that one of those "ab belt" infomercials came on the TV and made me disgusted with their claims. I can't believe it's legal to lie to people the way they do on these infomercials.

I can't tell you how many times they claimed that you could "melt off layers of stomach fat" without doing any exercise or changing your diet. According to them, all you have to do is put on this ab belt once a day and you'll get perfect abs and lose all of your stomach fat in weeks.

These are blatant lies, yet I can't imagine how many people daily are falling for these scams and buying their junk belts that don't do anything.

So I wanted to send out a great article from an interview I did a while back that has some killer tips on the REAL way to lose stomach fat:



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Talk to you soon,

Mike Geary
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