My Iceland Adventure Trip

Check out some of these cool pics below from my trip to Iceland... It's quite a beautiful country.

If you ever visit, and few interesting things to keep in mind:

1. Beware of trying their traditional "putrefied shark meat"... traditional Icelandic cuisine that takes shark meat and lets it rot in the ground for up to 9 months before they eat it. I like just about anything, but this was downright disgusting!

I heard from a friend though that the Puffin (another unusual Icelandic food choice) was pretty good.

2. If you go out for the Reykjavik nightlife (which goes strong until 6 or 7 am), you'll notice that they seem to be obsessed with breaking bottles all over the city every couple minutes throughout the entire night. Yet miraculously, by 10am, the streets are spotlessly clean as city workers clean up the streets almost immediately every morning. Weird.

Alright, to the pics...

Iceland has some amazing waterfalls... this is a glacial meltwater river

Here we are getting soaked riding quads through glacial streams

Small cliff jumping into freezing 2-deg C water (35-degrees F)

more majestic waterfalls... I hiked to the top of these, which was a pretty intense 5-10 min climb!

Here we are hiking up the edge of a huge glacier... the black stuff is volcanic ash from past eruptions in the area. As the ice melts, it creates deep cracks and ravines in the ice surface that can be deadly if you fall into one.

snowmobiling on a glacier that covers a volcano! The volcano has been overdue to erupt for years according to locals. We were just glad it didn't erupt while we were snowmobiling on it!

Here we are caving through cave formations that were left from lava flows in the past.

acting like kids and sliding down the glacier on our butts on plastic bags

this was an interesting geyser that would blow out boiling hot water and steam once every 7 minutes

more great Iceland scenery

some places have landscape that look more like another planet than anything you'd see on earth. This is broken up rock fields from lava flows that get covered with thick moss over the years.

more of the countryside of Iceland, catching a rainbow.

More scenic waterfalls.

I wish I had gotten some pics from underwater when we scuba dove the Silfra Ravine. It's one of the clearest water dive spots in the world with over 300 feet of underwater visibility! It was an amazing view underwater with bluish water and steep rock cliffs on either side of you in the ravine.

And lastly, probably one of the most amazing things I saw on this trip was on the flight... we ended up flying directly over the southern edge of Greenland, and it looked like another planet!

It was one of the most amazing views I've ever seen from the plane looking down over Greenland... there are huge mountains with massive glaciers in between, along with lagoon-type waterways that connect to the ocean... and there's big icebergs all over the place in the lagoons and in the ocean surrounding Greenland. It's definitely a sight to see!

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