Drinks that are still making people fatter

Here are a few nutrition aspects I've noticed lately about why many people are still struggling to get in shape due to their nutrition...

1. People are drinking WAY too many of these "sports drinks"...
you know, several of the most popular brands that end in "ade". I've even talked to several people lately that didn't even realize how much sugar they were drinking by downing 3-4 of these "sports drinks" every single day.

Some people even seem to have this false notion that sports drinks are "healthy" because the commercials show finely tuned athletes drinking them. I assure you that there's nothing remotely healthy about sports drinks, nor do they improve your performance in anything.
Most of these sports drinks contain about 15 grams of sugar per 8 oz serving... so if someone drinks three 16-oz bottles (48 oz total) of sports drinks per day, that's an extra 90 grams of pure sugar (360 sugar calories) each DAY!

And that's 90 grams of pure sugar without any real nutrition. Even if some brands add some artificial vitamins to the sugary mix, it's still useless nutrition because it didn't come from real foods.

Someone that drinks 3 sports drinks per day could save approx. 131,000 calories per YEAR by completely cutting out sports drinks. That could equate to approximately 37 lbs!

And don't be fooled by the sports drinks that are trying to sell "light" versions now that are lower in sugar, or even sugar-free... they are simply loaded with artificial sweeteners and other chemicals, which could cause even more of a hormonal mess in your body.
Check out this article about that topic:

As I've been saying all along... stick with pure water or unsweetened teas instead of sports drinks or other sweetened drinks.

2. I'm seeing more and more people that are still overly addicted to aggressive tastes...
they need to heavily sweeten their coffee and teas... they need to heavily salt their foods or eat too many processed foods that came from a box or can or frozen entree.

I wrote an article on this topic of aggressive tastes a couple months ago and this was a turning point for many people that helped them to change their eating habits to get healthier for good. Here's the article:

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