Nasty Kitchen Habits that are Making You Sick and Unhealthy

I just got done reading what I consider to be one of the top 3 nutrition books I've ever read (and I've read dozens, if not hundreds).

It's just so refreshing when I come across a nutrition professional who actually "gets it" and isn't clueless like some nutritionists that tell you to "eat 6-9 servings of grain and soy per day" or promote the use of artificial sweeteners in everything they recommend.

I'm also tired of people recommending "low fat" recipes... we don't need less fat, we need MORE...but we need more healthy fats (and yes, that CAN include saturated fats)!

I highly recommend this to add to your "virtual library"... I really enjoyed reading this, and it actually gave me some great new ideas that I hadn't thought of before...

This isn't a "diet" ebook and it's not just a cookbook either... (although it does have some amazing meal ideas and recipes!)

Here's some of the really beneficial info in here that you'll find:
  • How to get rid of all of the hidden POISONS lurking in your kitchen (not just in your food, but utensils, cookware, cooking devices, etc).
  • The healthiest oils vs the oils that are claimed to be healthy, but are actually detrimental to your body
  • Why certain containers, spatulas, cutting boards, and certain pots and pans can be leaching nasty chemicals into your food
  • Alternatives to grain foods for a leaner body
  • the healthiest ways to cook foods to do the least damage to them for your internal health
  • why using a microwave may be dangerous to the health of you and your family (this is controversial, but I gave up using a microwave about 5 years ago and never looked back... think about it... our foods were never meant in nature to be "zapped" by microwaves)
  • the easiest ways to add variety to your meals but keep them as healthy as possible
  • how to manage your busy schedule but still eat in a way that promotes a leaner healthier body.
  • beyond just WHAT you eat...but also HOW YOU EAT! very important.
  • and so many more handy tips to truly adopt the healthiest eating habits possible for life.
I'd suggest giving it a read through... I think it'll become one of your favorite nutrition guides. I'm really picky about which nutrition "experts" I'll listen to, but Antonio has 2 thumbs up from me, and my full endorsement...

I'll be back soon with more exercise and nutrition tricks, tips, and secrets that you can use daily for a better body and better health.

Talk to you soon,

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer
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