Funny Fitness - "2 carbs since 1998" & "Whalin on the Glutes"

Fitness usually doesn't involve much comedy... except when you see those jokers at the gym talking on their cell phone while doing situps! Now that's funny!

First of all, to these people that do ab exercises while talking on a cell phone... leave the frickin cell phone in the car and concentrate on what you're doing!

And 2nd of all, why the heck is anybody doing situps?!? What a waste of time! At the bottom of this post, I have an article with 3 MUCH better ab exercises than situps.

Anyway, I saw a couple funny quotes on movies lately that were actually fitness related, and cracked me up...

The first one... can't remember what movie it was... but this "Mr Perfection" pulls up his shirt in a casual setting, and shows off his oiled-up 6-pack abs, and says...

"I've only eaten 2 carbs since 1998"

Nothing like a little 'carb-comedy'... good stuff.

The second classic movie line (that's fitness related) I love is from Dodgeball. The overweight guy in the cheesy 80's headband and gym outfit walks in to the gym, and Ben Stiller asks him what he's working today, and he says,

"I'm just whalin on my glutes"

Classic line! And a hilarious movie by the way.

Speaking of "whalin on your glutes"... my colleague Joey Atlas actually has a real program that he designed just for this purpose (which he geared for women):


And here's the article I mentioned:

The 3 best ab exercises that aren't thought of as ab exercises

Til next newsletter,
Don't be lazy... be lean.

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