The banana diet? Another stupid fad diet?

Here we go again with another ridiculous fad diet!

I was reading Mens Health today and they were talking about a new diet fad called the "morning banana diet" that is becoming so popular in Japan that Dole imports to the country have increased 25% in the last 4 months (according to Mens Health).

Supposedly the diet consists of eating as many bananas as you want for breakfast, eating anything for lunch and dinner, a snack at 3pm, no desserts at all, and get to sleep by midnight at the latest.

MH makes a great point that there are major flaws with this as calorie consumption is not necessarily controlled, so the person could seriously overeat on calories throughout the day without any regard for that.

Also, why did they choose bananas? After all, if you were going to follow some stupid fad diet, why not choose a fruit with a higher fiber/total carb ratio and less calories and sugar overall? Some type of berries would be a much better option for fat loss.

Although I think bananas have many healthful properties, they are one of the most calorie dense fruits available, and I usually limit my bananas to only post-workout meals, since that's when your body will utilize the high GI carbs more readily for replenishing your muscle glycogen.
The bottom line... This is just yet another stupid diet fad that isn't going to help anyone with long term weight maintenance and fat loss.

As I've always said, what we really need is adopting a true fitness lifestyle, so that you can understand how to eat a nutritious diet that promotes fat loss and weight maintenance for life.
That's why the only "diet programs" that I endorse are NOT diet fads, but rather methods of adopting a healthy nutrition outlook that will work for you personally for life.

The only nutrition programs that I endorse are by a couple professionals that I know personally and are a couple of the top experts in the field:

Isabel De Los Rios - http://the-non-diet.com


Jon Benson's - http://FavoriteFoodsDiet.com

That's why I love both of these programs... because they are NOT fads, but rather smart strategies to achieve healthy eating for life that works for you personally.

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Mike Geary
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