6 Week Healthy Meal Plan Metabolism Kickstart

I have a special gift for you today...

6 weeks of Free Healthy Meal Plans to kickstart your metabolism.

I wanted to give you a gift simply as a thanks for being a loyal subscriber to the Lean-Body Secrets Ezine, so I contacted my friend Isabel De Los Rios (a nutritionist that I highly respect for her in-depth nutritional knowledge) and we came up with this gift for you.

You can go to this page below to claim your complimentary copy of the 6-week metabolism kickstart meal plan program:

6 Weeks of Free Meal Plans for Fat Loss & Weight Management


Feel free to email this link on to any of your friends, family, and coworkers that might enjoy it.
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Well, I'm off now to get in a good butt-kickin kettlebell workout at the local park now. I just love training outside in the fresh air... I'm back on the east coast for a little while and it's a beauty of a day here today!

I'll talk to you soon. Til next newsletter,
Don't be lazy... be lean.

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