1 more reason people are overweight

I've mentioned before about how shocked I am at the daily decisions some people make that go directly against their efforts to lose fat and get lean (despite their claims that they are "trying everything").

Well, once again I'm baffled. Here's what I saw...

I was waiting for a flight last week, and I wanted to get something to eat before getting on a 3 hour flight back home. Even though I had some almonds and a couple whole food bars to snack on in my carry-on bag (I try to always be prepared with healthy snacks while traveling), I knew I was going to need something more substantial to eat to hold me over until I would get home later that night.

Although most of the places to eat in the airport were your typical chain fast food joints, I was lucky enough to stumble onto a small cafe that actually had some surprisingly healthy options.
Now here's what shocked me...

There was a fast food joint (mickey D's) right next to this healthy cafe. The line for the mickey D's was at least 20 people deep with everyone that got through the line stuffing their face with all sorts of deep fried nasty-ness.

However, there were only 2 people in the healthy cafe (and I was the 3rd)! Huh!?!

Now I do realize that in recent times, the major fast food chains are at least attempting to offer up some healthier options for people to choose from, but I can assure you from what I saw, nobody was choosing any of the healthy options over the deep fried junk.

Not only that, but as I scanned the long line of people waiting patiently for their chemical-laden trans fat infested "happy" meals, I noticed that not 1 single person was normal weight... every single person in the line was overweight!

I can also make the prediction that if you conducted a survey of those 20 overweight people waiting in the mickey D's line for their junk food, and asked them if they wanted to lose weight, probably at least 90% of them would tell you YES. The other 10% are the people that simply don't care at all about their health or their appearance.

So once again, this begs the question... if these people honestly do want to live healthier and lose their fat, why are they making the decision to eat at the fast food joints, when a cafe with healthy options was right there next to it, and didn't even have a line to wait in?

Perhaps it has to do with the clever marketing of fast food joints and that people are semi brainwashed into choosing the fast food over some non-chain which isn't branded into their heads?

Perhaps they can't resist the fast food joint once they smell the fried food?

Perhaps they feel that the healthy cafe would be too costly instead of the cheaper food at the fast food joint?

I'm not sure of the answer. Again, as with anything involving the mind and decisions, it is a complex subject.

I do think that the cost issue is ridiculous if you think about it. Maybe a fast food meal full of junk would cost you $4.00 and the healthy meal at the cafe would cost you $6.00. My thinking is... isn't it worth the extra $2.00 to eat something that will make you feel better, look better, and live longer?

Maybe I'm just crazy, but it just makes sense to me to pay a little more for quality.

Something to think about as you're out there on a daily basis making these types of decisions that will affect your health (and appearance).

On this topic about food choices, here's another article of mine that shows you how to make healthier fast food choices when that is your only option:

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