The Olympian with the BEST six-pack abs is...

Well, after watching the Olympics for the last couple of weeks, I think I've found the Olympian with the absolute BEST six pack abs...

The winner by a landslide is:

Usain Bolt!

If you've seen a couple of the times he's pulled his shirt up a little, you'll see that he easily has one of the best sets of ripped abs in the world.

This is not a surprise, as 100 and 200-meter sprinters usually have some of the most impressive bodies in the world. Compare those strong healthy muscular physiques of world-class sprinters with the typically skinny, weak frail-looking physiques of marathoners.

That's one reason why distance running will NEVER be in my exercise repertoire!

Another is the fact that distance running at the same basic steady pace only trains your heart rate in one specific range the entire time instead of a hugely wide range such as in sprinting. A sprinters heart is always going to be stronger than a marathoners heart (unless the marathoner trains in higher intensity ranges as well for at least some training).

And the 3rd reason that distance running will never be in my exercise repertoire is the fact that it is BRUTAL on your joints pounding the pavement (or the treadmill) on a daily basis. I'll stick to sprinting on grass fields or hill sprinting, which will actually strengthen instead of tear-down the joints, when done properly.

As you can see from the incredibly ripped abs of Usain Bolt, there is a reason that sprints and hill sprints are one of the important factors that I talk about in my Truth about Six Pack Abs program.

If you don't already have a copy, and you want lean, ripped abs like Usain, make sure to get yourself a copy of Truth about Abs... more info and user results are below:

I'll be back with you soon. Til next ezine,
Don't be lazy... be lean.

Mike Geary
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