How REAL butter can make you leaner

If you've read my book or my newsletters for some time, you know I'm a big fan of REAL butter... and NOT margarine.

In fact, I would NEVER, EVER even think about touching margarine with a ten foot pole... and even these new fancy so-called "cholesterol lowering" margarines still contain some trans fats and inflammatory refined oils.  I would NEVER touch those either.

I can't tell you how many times I've been at certain restaurants and been horrified to find that they don't even have real butter.... instead, they have nothing but artery-clogging trans fat laden margarine!  Yuck. No thanks.

I've also been shocked to find that some people (a LOT of people) are still confused about the whole butter and margarine thing.  In case you're still confused, let's clear this up now... the debate has actually been over for YEARS now, and I'll make it real simple:

Butter is healthy (if you choose the right type) ... Margarine is deadly!  Simple as that.

I know that's a bold claim to say that butter is healthy...but it's true, as long as you choose organic grass-fed (pastured) butter, and NOT butter that came from confinement feedlots (CAFOs) from cows fed corn.

In fact, butter is one of the best natural sources of the healthy fat conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) that actually helps you to build muscle and lose fat.  Butter is also a good source of the healthy fats, MCTs, and also omega-3's in grass-fed butter too.

But it doesn't stop there... this article below shows not only how butter can help you get leaner, but is also one of the best sources of a few very unique vitamins that are hard to get elsewhere, can improve your cardiovascular function, and even lower diabetes risk.

How butter can make you leaner and improve your health

That article is a must read!  It's refreshing to see a health author that actually "gets it" when it comes to this stuff.  I'm sick of reading meal plans from bodybuilders and nutritionists that say to avoid butter and make sure to have plain boring steamed vegetables instead.

No way!  I'll take my grass-fed butter on my vegetables and I'll love it.  And by the way, yes you CAN get single digit bodyfat lean and still use butter on your foods if you want.  I do it every day.

Some people have told me that they have a hard time finding grass-fed butter in their grocery store.  My favorite that I've found is called Kerrygold Irish butter, and although the label doesn't clearly state "grass-fed", this butter is 100% pasture-raised from cows that eat lush green grass in Ireland.  You can tell from the deep color of this butter, that it has higher levels of carotenoids than standard butter.

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